the united arab emirates environmental diabase stone crushing machine

the united arab emirates mineral crushing plant machine for sale

the united arab emirates mineral crushing plant machine for sale

The oil and gas resources are very rich in The United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has proven oil reserves amounted to 200 billion barrels, make up about a quarter of the Gulf States total reserves, accounting for 11% of the world's total reserves. Natural gas reserves of 5.762 trillion cubic meters, accounting for 5% of the world's total reserves, only after Iran and the United States.

Since the 50s to 60s, successively in ABUDhabi, Dubai and Sharjah found a large number of oil and gas, the united Arab emirates (UAE) started develop the modern economy. Since the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has independent, it is relying on the rich oil resources to develop national economy. Oil production drives the development of the national economy, and the oil revenue becomes the main source of government revenue.

In the process of the development of national economy in the United Arab Emirates countries, positively change the single economic structure into diversification economic domestic economy and the industry. When the countries develop petrochemical industry, they also develop the cement, aluminum and garment, food processing industries, attaches great importance to the development of agriculture.

In the United Arab Emirates countries, there are all kinds of minerals. The mineral processing line is the main equipment used in mining production line. The mineral processing line can be divided into crushing stage, grinding stage and beneficiation stages.

In general, the crushing stage is the main mineral processing line. SBM is a professional crushing production line machine manufacturer and it can provide the fixed crushing plant and mobile crushing plant for the clients. These processing lines will crush and break raw mineral materials into small size or even the fine powder materials.

Mineral crushing plants used in UAE can only achieve high throughputs if they are combined with reliable feeding, discharge and separating systems such as apron feeders, chain conveyors, reciprocating plate feeders separators and grizzly feeders including classifying screens, magnetic separators and belt conveyors.

Mineral fixed crushing plant used in UAE countries will be provided by SBM. It is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of fixed crushing processing plant to the mining and quarrying industries. It has the right machine for your requirements; supplying a comprehensive range of cones, jaws, VSI, screens for all applications in every stage of crushing.

Stationary processing plants are increasingly being replaced by mobile machines. In order to ensure the customary quality for mineral processing in UAE, SBM has developed special mobile crushing units which work, electrically interlocked, together with other machines such as primary crushers and screens.

SBM has delivered well lots of mobile crushing and screening plants for UAE countries: for contract crushing and screening, quarry operations, minerals processing and recycle sites. The mobile processing plant for contracting includes a comprehensive range of mobile crushing plants and mobile screens that represent a guaranteed, state-of-the-art commitment to crushing and screening knowhow and quality. Our contracting solutions offer you true mobility, high capacity, quality end products and reliable operation.

Its fully-enclosed layout features high integration. It integrates the functions of high-efficiency sand making, particle shape optimization, filler content control, gradation control, water content control, and environmental protection into a single syst

environmental issues in the united arab emirates | free essay example

environmental issues in the united arab emirates | free essay example

Ecological problems result from the interaction of living organisms and the environment. One of the major problems in UAE is the high population growth rate; the fertility rate in 2005 was estimated at 2.49; however, it is expected to fall to 1.89 in 2050. The current position stands at eight million for both nationals and non-nationals, and it is expected to double by the year 2050. It has resulted in pollution (air, water, and environmental), overexploitation of resources, and deforestation.

To feed this high population, the country is industrializing fast, and the resultant is greenhouse emissions, which lead to global warming. This trend seems to be growing worse because they follow population growth, which is estimated to increase. On the other hand, an increased lifestyle leads to more population as people use fuels using vehicles. Another problem is the country is falling water bodies and unpredictable climatic conditions.

These environmental issues are a result of rapid industrialization in the country, which is facilitated by the government in its effort to feed its population. The dominant pollution in the country is air and water pollution.

The main sources of this pollution are from industries and households. In the process of production of goods and services, industries use different sources of energy. The most dominant source of energy is fossil fuels. When they are burnt, they produce greenhouse gasses that are disposed of to the environment polluting the salinity of air. These are also particles released in different sectors like construction and released to the environment. This reduces the salinity of air. The countrys population rely greatly on road transport. The transport industry uses fossil fuels. These fuels, when burnt release gasses into the air, which results in pollution.

Water pollution comes from the lack of appropriate disposal systems of wastes in factories and sewages. These wastes have been disposed of in water bodies, thus, polluting them. When these deposits accumulate in water bodies, the salinity of the water is affected. Water pollution has resulted in different health complications like cholera. It has also threatened aquatic life.

UAE government is undertaking different measures to stop this trend of pollution. The first thing that the government has embarked in is the mass enlightenment of the need to have a clean environment. It is for households, factories, and individuals. The government is encouraging people to adopt clean technology, which has minimal pollution to the environment if any. In some industries like health industries, the government has taken the mandate of managing wastes itself. It has demarcated some areas where wastes can be deposited and later destroyed appropriately. These are waste management policies set by the country.

For those companies which are not compliant with the set pollution levels, the government has introduced a tax payable on the pollution made. Innovative companies that have complied with minimal pollution policies are also encouraged by tax holidays and government recognitions. Other than internal company controls, the government is encouraging companies to produce environmentally friendly goods like high fuel-efficient motor cars to reduce pollution from these products. Internationally, the countries represented in the union have signed different conventions aimed at protecting the environment. Such conventions include the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse emissions.

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