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what are the differences between 7 types of crushers? | fote machinery

what are the differences between 7 types of crushers? | fote machinery

Jaw crusher is a compression type of crushing machine. The flywheel works together with eccentric shaft and toggle plate provides a motion which pushing moveable jaw plate towards stationary jaw dies, and during the process, a compressive force squeezes raw material.

When the size of the material is crushed smaller than the discharging size, it will be discharged from the bottom. Jaw crusher crushes on half-cycle and favors arrested crushing. The fixed jaw crusher foundation needs to be rugged to overcome the working stress.

For gyratory crusher, the outer circle represents the stationary bowl covered by the concave and the inner circle represents the main shaft covered by the mantle. The main shaft rests in the eccentric bushing at the base of the crusher. As the eccentric rotates, the base of the main shaft moves in a circular path around the crusher centerline.

When the gap between the mantle and the concave increases, the ore material is released and falls into the crusher cavity. As the material is getting smaller, it will pass the narrower gap at the bottom and fall through the crusher. Then the discharged material is usually picked up by a feeder or conveyor belt.

Both of them are used in primary crushing process and they do have common points which include that crushing speed is 100 to 200 revolutions per minute, and the crushing is completed by compression force, but they still have their unique features.

If you only want to crush more raw material with more than 1000t/h and no special demands on final particle shape, you can choose gyratory crusher. Because it can be fed with two sides, which greatly reduces crushing time and improve crushing ratio thus saving lots of energy cost.

A jaw crusher can be sectionalized, therefore it is advantageous to install jaw crusher in remote locations, underground. Jaw crusher machine installation cost is relatively higher than gyratory crusher while its investment and maintenance cost is much lower than that of gyratory crusher.

Just like the video shows to us that gyratory crusher is often installed in the hole to make loader trucks directly feed without vibrating feeder. Raw material is fed into the feed opening by two sides, which produces more granite products in short time.

When the size of the material is smaller than that of discharging port, the final product will fall out of the bottom and be sent by the conveyor belt for further crushing. The ultimate mission of primary crusher is done.

Horizontal shaft impact crusher adopts impact force created by high-speed rotating hammer to strike and throw material. Then the crushed material will hit aprons again in the crushing chamber, which is "stone on stone" crushing way.

As a secondary crusher, HSI crusher can process material with a little hardness and abrasive. It is sometimes be used in primary crushing process, but only can process soft material like limestone, gypsum.

When cone crusher works, it uses the force between moveable mantle and stationary bowl liner to crush material. As the material is getting smaller, it keeps moving down along the crushing cavity until being discharged from the discharge opening.

In the beginning, you spend more money on cone crusher than that of impact crusher. But cone crusher does not need maintenance so much because it has hydraulic system to protect the whole machine and has a longer life span.

The wear parts of impact crusher are hammer and aprons. If the machine always processes hard and abrasive material, the crucial parts wear quickly and need maintenance in a short period thus resulting in more money cost on a repair.

The classical size of pebble is 63mm-12mm. The material is very hard to process, leading to piling and land-occupied problems. The customer chose cone crusher which not only solves the problems of land waste but improves productivity by 25%. The success is due to:

This customer knows the physical characteristics of limestone (soft and less abrasive) and his crushing site situation, so he chose a mobile HSI crusher. It can not only produce the ideal cubic finished product but also reduce the closed-loop to finish the product into the final size.

First, the material enters the feed opening along with the high-speed rotating roller drums, then it got crushed by strong compressive forces in the crushing chamber, and ultimately being discharged until its size smaller than the gap between two drums.

The hammer service life depends on the material you process. If you're running abrasive quartz, they'll last somewhere between one to two weeks. The hammers are reversible so you can replace them easily.

Depending on the physical characteristics of raw material, one of the roll crusher types---double roll crusher can provide a reduction ratio with 3:1 in some applications while another type-triple roll crusher 3:1. That makes roll crusher performs also well on hard and abrasive material.

Rotor speed, hammer type and grate configuration can be converted to different applications. They can be used in a variety of applications, including primary and secondary reduction of aggregates and many industrial applications.

Changing the gap can control the product size, shapes, and fineness modulus. Because it can produce high-fineness materials well and cost little, a lot of customers choose roll crusher to make sand.

If there are uncrushable objects, it'll be automatically removed under the action of hydraulic cylinders or springs by increasing the gap between the rollers. The hydraulic system can protect the rollers from damage.

Glass products are common products in our lives, and its recycling rate is 100%. Of the approximately 10 million tons of glass abandoned by Americans, only one-third is recycled, and the rest ends up in landfills.

VSI crusher is generally used for the third or fourth stage crushing after the first and second crushers, which is the final link of aggregate production. It is the best machine to produce manufactured sand even better than a roll crusher.

When raw material falls into the feed hopper, it enters rotor through the central entrance hole and then throwing high-speed rotor at the speed of 60-75m/s. When hitting anvil, it is crushed and comes downwards though the outlet.

For example, good classification according to the required ratio, no organic and soluble compounds that affect the setting time and performance of cement, and it can maintain strength when applied to concrete and asphalt.

To choose the best equipment, you need to do a comprehensive analysis of your projects, such as material characteristics (hardness, strength, humidity), worksite (in the city center or on the mountain, or other places), cost analysis, etc.

Different conditions will result in various solutions. If you need a more detailed analysis tailored to your crushing operation, please contact Fote Company's experts. The company has more than 35 years of design and practical experience, and it helps you to make the best choice.

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which type of crusher is suitable for processing granite | fote machinery

which type of crusher is suitable for processing granite | fote machinery

With the development of the stone crushing machine, the occurrence of new materials and advanced techniques, more and more granite crushers are manufactured in the market, and the differences in their prices are widening.

Granite is a kind of igneous rock, also known as acid crystalline plutonic rock, which belongs to hard stone. It is made of feldspar, quartz, and a small amount of mica. Granite is dense and has a granular structure.

The main component of granite is silicon dioxide, which has a hardness of 6 to 7 according to Mohs hardness. Natural granite has different shapes and needs to be crushed to meet the demand for materials in various fields.

The color of granite depends on the colors and distributions of feldspar, a small amount of mica, and the melanocratic mineral. The colors are usually gray, red, roseate, or gray alternating with red.

After processing and polishing, the surface of granite will form a beautiful speckled pattern with different shades of color. The pattern is characterized by fine and uniform grains, with star-liked mica highlights and sparkling quartz crystals.

It is often used as the primary crushing equipment of granite and the large granite can be crushed to a particle size of less than 100 mm. During the crushing process of granite, a piece of granite is crushed by shearing, breaking, splitting and extrusion which makes the finished product more solid.

During the working process, granite jaw crusher runs stably with lower faulty rate and longer service life. It also has the advantages of small investment, large crushing ratio, wide applications, and high working efficiency.

It not only realizes the selective crushing of materials but also significantly increases the product fines ratio and cube content, greatly reducing the needle-like materials and the wear on the parts.

In addition, the cone crusher also uses a modular design. Through the replacement of the cavity type, it can realize the conversion of coarse, medium and fine crushing, improve the production efficiency, and also meet the large production demand.

The discharge port, screen and key parts of the cone crusher are equipped with a spray system, which can humidify the dry material, increase its weight, and effectively inhibit and reduce dust pollution.

The dilution of noise first passes through the environmental protection layer built into the cone crusher. This wear-resistant buffer layer not only dilutes the noise but also protects the machine and reduces the noise around workers.

However, the hammer and counter-attack plate of the impact crusher are easy to wear. Especially when crushing hard rocks such as granite, the wear is more serious and the wear parts need to be replaced frequently, which not only increases production costs but also extends downtime.

The granite aggregate processed by the sand making machine has a solid shape, strong adhesion and long durability, and is widely used in highways, railways, bridges, airports, real estate and other fields.

If the material requirements are low, the jaw crusher and the cone crusher are required to crush the granite. Or else, the sand making machine should be added for the final shaping of the material.

The granite sand making machine is stable in operation. the failure rate is very small, the output of sand making machine is huge, and the finished products are uniform with cubic shape, which is favored by downstream users.

The semi-mobile granite crushing plant is mainly designed to eliminate the problems that occurred in the actual crushing site for users. The integrated unit installation and flexible movement solve the obstacles of crushing operation for the customer, and the operation saves much time and effort.

The equipment adopts a half vehicle-mounted structure with tires as the chassis. The flexible collocation allows it to be used in combination with different crushers to meet the different needs of customers.

Mr. Paul from the UK sent his feedback: "since the introduction of this semi-mobile granite crushing machine in our plant, the output of our entire production line has stabilized. Our company is very grateful for the benefits this equipment provides for us."

Based on the traditional semi-mobile crusher and combined with the properties of granite, the portable granite crushing plant is specifically designed. It has significant advantages in both structure and performance, arousing the attention and favor of users at home and abroad.

Portable granite crushing plant is mainly composed of four parts: feeding system, crushing system, screening system and conveying system. The purpose of the feeding system is to feed granite materials into the crusher or the screening machine; the crushing system is used to crush granite; the screening system is used to granite gravel screening; and the conveying system is used to transport the finished gravel products.

The materials that larger than the particles are returned to the sand making machine and continue to be crushed. Small substances are sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning. The cleaned materials are sent to the finished product pile by the conveyor.

The finished product of the sand and gravel treated by the production line has a uniform particle size, good granular shape and low output rate of stone powder, which can fully meet the demand of strict requirements.

Granite is a material with high hardness and high silicon content, which is difficult to crush in actual crushing operations, or it is relatively high in crushing cost. If an unsuitable crusher is selected, the damage speed of the wear parts will be accelerated, and it will need to be replaced even in a few days, and the running cost will increase.

Since granite is a brittle material, the improper crusher will increase the content of the needle-like material and increase the internal crack of the finished product, thereby reducing the application range and increasing the production cost.

Two or more crusher types will be used in the granite crushing process, so the combination of crusher is especially important. A good production line will make the crushing process run more smoothly, and save labor power and material resources while increasing production.

The crushing of ore cannot avoid the generation of dust. The diffusion of dust will not only pollute the environment, but may cause downtime if it is slightly inadvertent. Therefore, when the crusher is selected, its sealing system and dust control methods should be perfect.

Under the background of environmental protection, reducing noise interference is also one of the channels for environmental protection. Therefore, when choosing a crusher, noise issues should also be taken into account.

The above is the main content of this article. If you have any questions about granite crushing equipment and production lines, please contact Fote Heavy Machinery, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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different types of granite crushing machines available today

different types of granite crushing machines available today

One of the most difficult types of rocks to break apart is called granite. This is an igneous rock, one of the most popular that is used in homes today. Although it does have cosmetic benefits, especially for remodeling a home, it is also used for aggregate material. This type of rock will require one of the best crushing machines available in order to pulverize it into smaller components. Crushing machines that are made today can easily handle this type of material, but you must find the best one. If you are responsible for crushing granite on a daily basis, this is how you can quickly purchase and obtain granite crushing machines that will be perfect for your company.

A crushing machine(mquina de trituracin) is an apparatus that is designed to automatically break down large rocks into smaller ones. There are many factors to consider when obtaining one, primarily looking at its capabilities with different types of rocks. There are a variety of crushing machines including jaw crushers, hammer crushers, and many others. It is very common for impact crushers or gyratory crushers to be used for this purpose. When the granite is brought to the crusher, typically by a conveyor belt, it will be placed into the crushing area. Through circular impacts, or by impacting it between two separate plates of metal, this rock will begin to break down.

In the same way that you would find a standard crushing unit, for any type of material, the same is true for one that will crush granite. They are typically made of a combination of manganese steel(acero al manganeso), and will also have a cast iron component. Depending upon the type of crusher that you are using, there could be a couple vertical jaws or plates that come together, or it may be placed in a rotating apparatus that will crush the rock through speed and force. To find them, you must look on industrial websites where machines are sold for businesses such as those that do road construction or mining. It is there that you will find the latest models, and potentially reviews that have been left by others that have made a purchase. You can also do research on the top producers of rock crushing machines and obtain one from one of the most highly recommended businesses.

there are several different types of crushing machines that could help you break down the granite. These will include jaw crushers, symons cone crushers(trituradora conica symons), and even the popular hammer crushers that are sold today. To evaluate each of these crushers, you must look at different aspects of each machine. This will include the feed size opening, the maximum diameter of the rocks or aggregate material that can be used, and also the rotation speed. In regard to shipping, you may want to ask about the total weight, and also the dimensions, which will also help you assess where its going to go. Finally, consider the processing capacity, as well as the adjusting range of discharge opening, before making your final decision.

All of these elements contribute to the choice that you will make, factors that will help you make your decision. Granite is a very dense material, one that will require only the best crushing machines, for both primary and secondary processing. If you are producing sand or aggregate material for roadways, tertiary processing will also be necessary. Once you have decided on one particular machine, or perhaps several that can help you with every stage of this process, you will know that you are making the right decisions because of your research.

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