ultrafine roller mill

lum ultrafine vertical roller mill

lum ultrafine vertical roller mill

LUM ultrafine vertical roller millis made as the foundation of LM vertical mill , which is ZENITH introduce the Germany ultrafine roll mill grinding technology, developed a new type superfine grinding equipment . LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill integrated grinding, drying, classifying and transportation as a whole production line and it only takes little space. This vertical roller mill has got high reputation from the worldwide customers for it can effectively reduce the investment costs.L8xUltrafine Grinder, Ultrafine Mill For Sale

Now, the cement industry, there have been mostly introduced cement vertical roller mill, used after a period of time, those who used LUM series vertical roller mill manufacturers, said it is really a great help to them, after using not only material finished product quality has been greatly improved, and the production efficiency is straight up, really the bottom line is. If you are engaged in the cement industry, if you still worry about milling equipment selection, can come to visit our factory LUM series of vertical grinding mill, will bring great help for your production.

The grinding curves of the roller shell and liner plate are uniquely designed based on the ultrafine pulverization principle. It allows enhanced material bed forming grinding efficiency and the increase in the ratio of finished powder product from the primary grinding.

Special structural design and operating principle of the mill ensures substantial reduction of vibration hence noise level. Hermetic seal ensures that the system operates under negative pressure. Therefore powder and dust are prevented from flowing out of the system The environment is clean, meeting the national environmental protection requirements

Vertical roller mill has high reliability, good stability, directly reduces the maintenance, repair, and thus directly reduces the cost of repair material expenditure. The normal production situation, vertical mill repair material cost is the most direct roll grinding, grinding and so easy to wear replacement and repair parts. But the roller wear to a certain extent, also can be turned to repeated use, to extend the using period of roll sleeve.

lum series ultrafine vertical roller mill

lum series ultrafine vertical roller mill

LUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill is designed on the basis of many years' experience in grinding mill production. It adopts the Taiwanese grinding roller technology and German powder separating technology. The ultrafine vertical grinding mill integrates ultrafine powder grinding, grading, powder collecting and transporting.

Feed particle size: 0-10mm Production capacity: 5-18 tons / hour Applicable materials: calcite, marble, limestone, talc, dolomite, barite, kaolin, wollastonite, gypsum, feldspar, pyrophylite and other non-metallic mineral ores.

It owns many independent patents, such as multi-rotor classifier, special design of grinding curve and variable frequency motor, etc. All of these make it lead the trend of the milling industry in the world.

The dedicated grinding mill for high quality, huge capacity ultra-fine powder production, the best choice for ultra fine powder processing industry powder site can reach 10-20um D97 by first separation, 4-5um D97 by secondary seperation, capacity 5-30tons per hour.

Using GCC to replace the PCC, it saved the production cost. We have signed a long-term supply agreement with them. The production of PCC will cause the pollution. It is not good for the environment. Zenith LUM1125 mill meet the environmental protection standard. More and more customers choose our GCC powder.

ultrafine grinding mill, ultra fine grinder, ultrafine ring roller mill | guikuang

ultrafine grinding mill, ultra fine grinder, ultrafine ring roller mill | guikuang

The Handling Materials and Main Types of Ball Mill:Ball mill is a key equipment for grinding materials, widely used in powder-making production line such as cement, silicate sand, new-type building ma...

After years of research and experiment, we have designed the newest GKC series super-large energy-saving grinding mill with high efficiency. GKC grinding mill has secured patented technology. The uniq...

GKH1032D Ultrafine Ring Roller Mill is a developed kind of grinding mill with optimized design & structure. It is mainly used in deep processing non-metallic mineral stones, hardness below seven Moh's hardness and humidity below 6%, such as calcium carbonate, kaolin, talc, barite, grammite, feldspar etc. The GK1032D mill mainly consists of the feeder, main unit, classifier, pulse collector, high-pressure blower, electrical control cabinet etc.

yfm198 ultrafine roller grinding mill plant_longyan yifeng grinding mill co., ltd

yfm198 ultrafine roller grinding mill plant_longyan yifeng grinding mill co., ltd

Frequency-conversion feeder shall feed material to the central part of upper grinding-plate evenly. The material falls to circle under the centrifugal force and comes down to raceway of ring to be crushed into powder. After grinded in the first raceway, the material goes to the second and third raceway. The air blower inhales the external air into the mill and carries the powder after third grinding-plate into classifier. Classifier wheel makes the coarse powder drop down and then regrinded, the fine powder shall go into cyclone collector together with air current and go down through discharge valve as final product; at the same time, air current with a little dust goes out through blower and muffler after purified by filter.

Raw material is fed into grinding chamber via feed port of upper part, then be grinded between rollers and grinding rings into powders. Powders are blowed into upper part. Qualified particle goes into powder collecting systemthrough classifier wheel, others fall and be grinded again.

In reverse-pulse-jet baghouses, individual bags are supported by a metal cage, Dusty air enters from the bottom of the baghouse and flows from outside to inside the bags. Bags are cleaned by a short burst of compressed air injection. The powder falls into a storage hopper below. This collecting system works with the help of digital sequential timer (PLC) attached to the pulse valves.

Adapting domestic top level electric components, after 20 years' testing. Our electric control or PLC system is very easy to operate, fully automatic operation, and one button stop, It's also easily adjust. Buyer only needs to adjust current and frequency with visible digitals to reach different particle size from 325-3000 mesh.

1. Both product size and fineness are guaranteed. The new YFM grinding mill is able to reach a product fineness of 325 - 2500 mesh one time, while the traditional Raymond mill can only reach a fineness of 400 mesh for the most. It can be used for all kinds of grinding from coarse crushing to ultrafine grinding, with the largest fineness of up to D973um, which drives the revolution in the field of ultrafine grinding.

2. Low investment cost and high output efficiency. Compared to ball mill, air-flow mill and stirred mill, YFM grinding mill has the advantages of lower investment and shorter processing circle, and its finish fineness/efficiency ratio is more than twice that of the machines mentioned above for the same fineness.

3. Low maintenance cost and simple operation Compared to Raymond machine, YFM grinding mill has no bearings and screws but the high-hardness wear-resistant material developed by the our company within the grinding chamber, which not only avoids chronic consumption of oil and burnt bearing, but also guarantees the continuous and reliable operation of the machine.

4. Installation of the complete set of equipment is convenient. No need large-scale construction, it covers only small area. It can be put into production as soon as we finish installing. It can run smoothly and reliably. It is used for grinding non-metal mines with Mohs' hardness scale less than 5, moisture less than 5% and Max. input size 10mm.

5. Environment friendly without pollution. Adopting the complete set of negative-pressure production and high-efficient off-line deduster, its dust collection efficiency reaches up to 99.9%, which guarantees no dust pollution during operation. Moreover, the main unit and the air blower are respectively equipped with the noise-reduction housing and the muffler so as to decrease the noise, which is completely in conformity with the national environmental protection standards.

6. This equipment is sophisticated and stable. Continuous improvements have been made within the decade since the establishment of our company; the complete machine from its materials, its processing to its assembly, is completely self-produced, which forms as the benchmark for the crushing industry and becomes the one being simulated at home and abroad.

lum series ultrafine vertical roller mill for sale,lum series ultrafine vertical roller mill price

lum series ultrafine vertical roller mill for sale,lum series ultrafine vertical roller mill price

LUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill is my company combined with grinding machine production experience for many years, on the basis of common vertical mill, roller technology using the latest Taiwan and Germany choose powder technology, independent design and development of new type of superfine grinding equipment.Superfine grinding, classification, transmission in the integration of ultrafine vertical mill, has become the first choice of superfine powder industry.LUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill is widely used in cement, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral industries such as all kinds of solid materials grinding and super finely grinding process.

LUM series vertical roller mill according to the humidifier and the location of the dust collector, there are two different layout, namely three fan and double fan system.Product mobile phones by adopting cyclone dust collector, this arrangement can reduce the system's working pressure and the amount of gas through the dust collector.In order to improve the final quality index, material available electric dust collector can also use the bag dust collector in final and dust removal equipment.Of mill discharge gas directly into the dust collector, the dust collecting device can greatly simplify process flour production line equipment, improve production efficiency.

Vertical mill roller belongs to everyone know the mill parts, vertical slow roll body and wear-resisting lining in use process, due to the roll grinding pressure, material force, material and friction between the roller plate.Roller wear roller shear force, the roller mill hydraulic system pressure synthesis influence, will appear different degree of lining board, reducer damage and other problems.If there is a similar equipment wear and tear problems, later maintenance cost is higher.Therefore, we suggest that we should pay more attention to vertical grinding machine, the choice of roller materials, mechanical properties and wear resistant material plasticity is higher, can prolong the service life of parts at the same time improve the efficiency of production, also can greatly reduce the possibility of a mill downtime maintenance, realizing enterprise continuous security flour production process.

longyan yifeng grinding mill co., ltd _machine tool equipment

longyan yifeng grinding mill co., ltd _machine tool equipment

Longyan Yifeng Grinding Mill Co., Ltd was established in 2002, it has been cooperating closely with many Scientific Research Institutions and Universities across the country since the beginning of foundation, it has also been one of the executive members of...

glmf series ultrafine vertical roller mill

glmf series ultrafine vertical roller mill

GLMF series vertical roller mill is the high-end grinding mill, which adopts the Germany advanced technology and standard. It has been taking the leading position relatively owing to the product design, material selection, quality control and service standard. The vertical roller mill is the most suitable equipment for the customers who need the huge capacity, the intelligent system, the smallest occupation, and the continuously working ability.

The main motor drives the grinding plate to rotate through the reducer, meanwhile, the air flow gets into the mill through air inlet. The materials come out of the screw feeder and fall on the center of the grinding plant, and evenly moved outwards due to centrifugal force. The materials are ground by grinding rollers when passing through the grinding area on the grinding plate, and large size materials will be directly crushed while the small particles form a material bed by extrusion for further inter granular crushing.

The grinded materials keep moving to the edge of the mill until they are taken away by the air current at the vane and collected by the powder collector, the coarse particles in the air flow will drop back to the grinding plate for further grinding when passing through the upper separator under the action of the rotor blade,

However, the iron blocks and other wastes mixed in the materials will move along with the materials towards the edge of the grinding plate due to their own weight and fall into the lower chamber and then be discharged out of the slag discharge opening by the scraping plate at the bottom of the mill tray.

Zhengzhou Sandmine Co., Ltd is a large industrial grinding equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service for the global medium and high-end mining and building material grinding market.

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