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best vibration exercise machines 2021 review - top 9 ranking

best vibration exercise machines 2021 review - top 9 ranking

Watching your diet is a good way of losing weight but sometimes that is very hard or most of us. As such, is necessary to hit the road and do some morning runs or workout at the gym. When it comes to hitting the gym, there are lots of workout equipment you will come across, and one of the rare but effective ones that you can get for your home gym is a full body vibration machine.

There are many benefits of using a vibration exercise machine. Among some of the reasons you should get one for your home gym is that it improves blood circulation, reduces stress, shapes the body as well as giving you strength and stamina. In this comprehensive buying guide, we will go through some of the best vibration exercise machines and how to pick the right one.

LifePro waver vibration workout plate is the best rated in the market. It is the go-to vibration plate anyone who wants to burn off those extra calories and tone their body muscles. The machine is made using an advanced technology that vibrates in all angles and directions and engages all the body muscles hence ensuring high effectiveness and results. It is user-friendly and comes with multiple controls that gives users an easy way to exercise as they desire.

Deefielly is a compact and lightweight vibration platform that is designed to be used by adults for regular body toning. It has a very user friendly design and the controls are always within reach which makes it easy to operate. Besides the solid construction that the platform has, it also features some handy features that improves users experience while using it.

The speed range of the platform comes in 180 speed levels of vibrations which is more than enough to give one variety of choices they would need. Many users who have had it have also seen great results, so its definitely worth giving a shot.

This is a high quality full body exercise vibrating plate that is ideal for home and office usage. It features two operation modes: Automatic and manual which gives you various speed settings. One of the best things with this vibrating plate is how easy it is to control and set different speeds.

The Eilison KM workout vibration plate has a distinct design from what you will find in the industry. It is compact and comes with rubbery surface that is made with non-slip suckers to improve traction and avoid slipping when on the platform. The vibration plate offers a no-noise experience and multiple control options that gives users a variety that suits their desires. The user-friendly display gives users a glimpse of all the settings and necessary stats.

The SUPER DEAL Pro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is an effective machine that you can get if you want to lose weight, get a lean body and lead a healthy lifestyle. It offers full body vibrations that penetrate deep into the body to help burn the calories. This workout machine also helps users improve their flexibility and this is exactly why many fitness enthusiasts consider it to be the best vibration fitness machine.

It has an upgraded outer shell that makes the unit very durable. Adjusting the fitness settings is very easy and you will be able to use the remote control to do that. The machine has an anti-slip coating on the bottom surface and this prevents it from sliding as you use it. It operates quietly and this way, it will not be a bother to you or other people in the building.

The VT High-Frequency Vibration Plate Machine is another exercise machine that comes in handy if you need to lose some weight and stay fit. This machine provides high frequency vibrations that get deep into the tissue to eliminate the excess fats in your body. It comes with 3 programmed plays that support different weight loss functions.

Operating this machine is very easy and this will make your weight loss program straight forward. It requires no assembly when you buy it and this means that you will be able to get your fitness program started in the shortest time possible. Changing the frequency settings is very easy and this is another benefit users derive from this machine. When used regularly, users have been able to lose weight, get a toned body, and improve their blood circulation. Get it today and begin your weight loss journey in style.

The IDEER vibration exercise plate is a good performer and enjoys a large user base, thanks to the brands popularity. The vibration plate has been designed with stability in mind which enhances the safety of the user. Among some of the things that you can set includes 10 automatic operating programs, music settings and vibration intensity.

It comes with speeds that range from 1 to 99 which might not seem like a lot as compared to others in the market, but with the consistence and efficiency you get in this vibration plate, you are guaranteed good value for the money.

Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform is a sleek and ergonomically designed vibration exercise machine which is made from heavy duty materials and an additional ABS shell for extended longevity. It features an anti-static and anti-overload device and an amazing load capacity of up to 330 lbs. The exercise machine features a powerful but quiet motor which does not cause any distractions while operating.

Powerfits reputation and industrys popularity puts it among the best in the industry. Their vibration exercise platform is ingeniously designed with advanced technology that ensures that all the body muscles are engaged and well sculpted. The multi-directional movement that one gets from this vibration plate is efficient than what you get from the standard vibration plate.

It offers multiple speed controls from 1-99 which one can easily optimize depending on the intensity and toning that they need. The sophistication, convenience and ease of use makes it a great performer. It is simply one of the best vibration exercise machine one can get.

If you are struggling with excess weight and you want an effective way to get fit and lead an active lifestyle, then you should get this vibration exercise machine that works wonders. It has a weight limit of 330 pounds and this means that practically everyone can use it. Using the exercise platform will help you build muscles and attain the lean physique that you have always admired. This machine goes beyond muscle building and it will boost your metabolism and suppress stress on your joints.

The unit has a unique design that makes operating it very easy. It has multiple speed levels that you can change with ease to suit your exercise requirement at any given time. Users get a training manual when you buy this machine and this will guide you on the best workouts that have the best results. All these features make the LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine the best vibration exercise machine you can get to stay fit and healthy.

Vibration exercise machines come with different designs and among the things that carry from one machine to the other is the intensity it has. Some have higher intensities than others, and the right choice will depend on your goals. Advanced users who are seriously working out on a regular schedule may choose to get a high intensity body vibration machine. However, for casual users who just need to relieve some stress and improve their body circulation, a basic vibration machine with low intensity will work just perfect.

The mechanism used by vibration machines are different and this also means that users will get a different effect. There are two major classification of vibrating machines based on motion. There is the Pivoting & Oscillating Motion and those that use Vertical & Linear Motion. Pivoting & oscillation is the most common and they work by moving one side of the plate upwards and another one goes down. Its intensity has a great range of motion and is more advantaged than Vertical & Linear vibration machines in that there is less vibration to the head, which is a good thing.

Like most gym equipment that carries the weight of the user, there is a limit in most of the vibration machines. The weight limit isnt always because one can break the machine if they are heavier but some of them have been tested to work best for a certain weight range. This means that some of these vibration platforms dont have the vibration energy to shake some weight. Even worse, some tend to overheat or malfunction when someone who is heavier uses them. The good news is that there are advanced vibration machines that can accommodate heavier people who weigh over 300 lbs.

Vibration machines come in different designs and features which means that the users experience will vary with the machine that they opt to go with. Some of them are designed with a column which places the control features ahead of the user, giving them easy access to the controls. Some of these machines also have tracking features such as BMI, time, calories among other factors. Although some of the advanced vibrating machines with more features are pricier, they are worth the investment if you are serious about getting the best out of vibration exercises.

Vibration exercise machines have become more common than ever, and many people are seeing the benefits of using it. However, that can only happen if you have the right machine. Shared above are some of the best vibration exercise machines worth investing in.

A: Vibrating machines, or vibrating platforms as they are known to many people are gym equipment designed with a vibrating plate and sometimes a column or a bar that users can hold on to. when a user steps on the vibrating platform and switches it on, the system vibrates shaking the whole body and offering therapy which is known to have many benefits.

A: Although different types of vibration machines work differently, they all vibrate. They are engineered with features that enable it to vibrate very fast. Their vibration speed can range from anywhere between 10 to 100 times per second where the higher the speed, the more intense the vibration. most of these machines allow user to adjust the vibration intensity.

A: Vibration machines have scientific backing that they really work and they are not only used in gyms but also in chiropractic and rehab centers. The vibration effect it has helps to transmit a lot of energy to the whole body which in turn forces the muscles to contract and relax very fast which is enough therapy to ton the body.

A: The safety of a vibration exercise machine depends on how it is used. The experience of the user will also determine if they will benefit from it or not. If not well used, it can have some side effects like headache, hearing loss and even blurred vision. The best way to use a vibration machine and get its benefits is to start with a light intensity setting and to avoid prolonged usage. It is also advisable to consult with a doctor, especially if you have health conditions.

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vibration plate: does vibrating fitness equipment work?

vibration plate: does vibrating fitness equipment work?

One of the latest fitness trends may shake up your routineliterally. Fitness companies are now incorporating vibration technology into their products, adding a buzzy twist to exercise equipment that targets and benefits the entire body (think: vibrating platforms that are big enough for you to stand on), as well as accessories that take a more localized approach (next-level foam rollers such as TriggerPoints GRID Vibe and Hyperices VYPER 2, which vibrate as you roll out) and even vibrating workout pants.

Developed by a Dutch Olympic trainer, the Power Plateone of the most well-known whole-body vibration (WBV) devicesis an effective way to turbocharge the exercises you already do. Chances are youve seen one of these in your gym but have no idea what it does or how to use it. Heres how it works: You perform free weight or bodyweight exercises while standing on a platform that vibrates 25 to 50 times per second, which triggers a reflexive response in the muscles, making them recruit more fibers to complete each action. So your muscles work harder in order to keep your body upright, explains Allison Lind Wiedman, doctor of physical therapy and sports specialist.

And while Wiedman suggests it may not fulfill your cardio component (in the same way training for a marathon might), you can perform cardio exercises (like toe taps or quick feet) on it for an added challenge. Plus, she adds, you can strengthen in a very efficient way and work on your balance. Theres also evidence itll help improve muscle endurance and mobility.

WBV may also help muscles recover faster: Its been shown to cut back on delayed-onset muscle sorenessyep, were talking DOMSand improve range of motion, and scientists recently discovered it decreases lactate levels and increases heart rate recovery levels post-exercise.Effect of vibration treatment on symptoms associated with eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage. Lau WY, Nosaka K. American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation, 2011, Nov.;90(8):1537-7385. Effect of whole body vibration on lactate level recovery and heart rate recovery in rest after intense exercise. Kang SR, Min JY, Yu C. Technology and health care : official journal of the European Society for Engineering and Medicine, 2017, Aug.;25(S1):1878-7401. To explain their findings, the researchers speculate the vibrations may boost the flow of oxygen, which might help flush the lactic acid that builds up after a tough workout.

More good news: WBV, together with cutting back on calories, may help with long-term weight loss and lead to a decrease in visceral fat, according to a study published in the journal Obesity Facts.Effect of long-term whole body vibration training on visceral adipose tissue: a preliminary report. Vissers D, Verrijken A, Mertens I. Obesity facts, 2010, Apr.;3(2):1662-4025. And WBV plus resistance exercise may equal more lean tissue.Whole-body vibration augments resistance training effects on body composition in postmenopausal women. Fjeldstad C, Palmer IJ, Bemben MG. Maturitas, 2009, Apr.;63(1):1873-4111. An important thing to note here is this technology seems to work best when used in tandem with other typical weight- and fat-loss techniquesmeaning its probably not going to make fat fly off your frame all by itself, but when paired with other healthy habits, it can make a difference.

One of the most surprising WBV studies suggests the technology might be as effective as exercise when it comes to losing weight and improving metabolism. (But before you ditch the gym, know this was a study performed on mice, and the scientists were quick to point out more research is needed to know whether the same results would occur in humans.)

As for localized vibration used in tools like foam rollers, its hard to say whether it would generate the same benefits as WBV, since the bulk of research focuses on the kind that targets the entire body, not one specific area. One exception? In one study (partially funded by Hyperice) out of UNC Chapel Hill, range of motion improved more in people who rolled out with a vibrating foam roller versus one without vibration, which is promising news for sure, but wed also say more research still needs to be done.

Other than that, these tools could offer a fun and challenging update to your usual workout. Take a cue from the WBV platforms and try performing strength exercises (like some of these, for example) with a vibrating foam roller. The vibration will force you to engage extra stabilizing muscles to kick your routine up a notch.

Another class of vibrating fitness products takes the technology to a creative new level; unlike the Power Plate or vibrating foam rollers, Nadi Xs vibrating yoga pants arent designed to bring on any of the benefits above but to boost your yoga practice itself by using the vibrations to gently nudge you into moving your body into better, more correct alignment while in a pose. Imagine: a buzz along your leg as a reminder to externally rotate or root down during your practice.

While vibrating yoga pants offer a cool, innovative use of the technology, they come with a pretty hefty price tag ($199), and whether theyll actually improve your practice or not is questionable and might depend on personal preference. Our tester, a certified yoga instructor, felt like itd be better to use your money on a few extra yoga classes to master each pose instead. Though there isnt a ton of research behind them, isolated vibration tools may be worth a shot to boost your recovery efforts (weve tested them, and anecdotal evidence suggests the vibrations deepen the pressure from the foam roller without increasing pain. Think of how that vibrating massage chair at your nail salon feels good while sometimes a deep-tissue massage feels painful). And with plenty of research to back it up, whole-body vibration gets the green light from both science and experts like Wiedman alike.

vibration and inversion exercise equipment: do they work?

vibration and inversion exercise equipment: do they work?

You're lying on the sofa, maybe munching a bag of chips, and watching your favorite movie on DVD. And ... you're toning your abs? That's the picture painted by some proponents of passive exercise, a fitness trend based on the idea that you can pretty much do nothing and still work out, if you have the right equipment doing the work for you.

But could this really work? WebMD asked three experts to offer up their opinions on four of the top passive exercise trends: whole-body vibration, chi machines, electronic ab stimulators, and inversion boots. So grab that bag of veggie chips, prop up your feet, and read on -- their answers might surprise you!

By far the most popular new addition to the passive exercise category is whole-body vibration or WBV -- also known as "Power Plate" exercise. An outgrowth of a program used to train Russian cosmonauts, it quickly spread through Europe and Japan, then hit U.S. shores -- with whole centers now devoted to this workout.

How It Works: According to physical therapist and personal trainer Ben Quist, DPT, most people stand on the platform with knees bent at about a 30-degree angle, while the surface beneath their feet vibrates an astounding 30 times per second.

That vibration, says Quist, tricks the body into thinking you're falling. "This, in turn, activates the 'stress reflex' -- an extremely rapid muscle contraction," says Quist, owner of Form and Fitness, a Milwaukee health club and rehabilitation center, where he has been training patients on the Power Plate for over a year. These muscle contractions, says Quist, are responsible for most of the benefits attributed to this type of exercise.

The Promise: According to manufacturers, those benefits include increased circulation, muscle strength, and flexibility; better range of motion; core conditioning and stability; and faster muscle recovery after working out. They say the health benefits also include enhanced metabolism, increased bone mineral density, reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, elevation of human growth hormone levels, and improved lymphatic flow. Whole-body vibration is also said to reduce cellulite and stimulate collagen production for smoother skin. Manufacturers also say MBV can provide muscle toning and conditioning for those who have health restrictions that keep them from exercising, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and some forms of arthritis.

"I've seen some remarkable results in terms of bone density -- working better than conventional exercise -- plus good effects on circulation and muscle stimulation for those who can't do conventional exercise," says Quist. "But I don't think it can help you lose weight or impact cellulite. There is really no solid medical evidence backing up these or other health claims."

"Right now, the marketing and hype is greatly outpacing the research and the scientific evidence -- but that said, from a conceptual standpoint, it could presumably improve muscle strength and stability, and an increase in bone density," says Bryant.

Indeed, in one study of 90 postmenopausal women published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research in 2004, a group of Belgian researchers found almost a 1% increase in hip bone density among users of the Power Plate form of WBV, along with measurable increase in muscle strength. The study participants used the machine for a total of 30 minutes three times a week for six months.

In another study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, researchers found that elderly people who were not able to participate in traditional exercise saw muscle strengthening and speed-of-movement benefits from using the Power Plate.

And in a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, mice that were placed on a low-vibration platform for 15 minutes, five days weekly, for 15 weeks ended up with smaller torsos than a group of mice who were put on a platform that didn't vibrate -- even though all the mice ate the same amount of food.

"We know that walking 2 miles a day is an effective way to build bone -- and I think it's OK to use this equipment as an adjunct to your normal exercise routines -- but to rely on it solely, we're not there yet," says Varlotta, director of physical therapy at the Rusk Rehabilitation Center at New York University Medical Center.

The Promise: The benefits are supposed to include improved metabolism, weight reduction, increased energy, muscle relaxation, increase in cell oxygenation, and stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Some proponents say that just five minutes on the Chi machine is the aerobic equivalent of walking for 30 minutes.

Chi machines are also advertised as being beneficial for those with diabetes, fibromyalgia, lymphodemia, and migraine headaches, as well as those who want to tone their muscles and lose weight -- all while lying down for just 15 minutes a day.

What the Experts Say: "This is a totally passive way of supplying increased circulation to a muscle and that's all," says Varlotta. "It will not give you increased strength, and it could never replace exercise done standing on your own two feet."

Bryant agrees:"Part of the thinking here centers on the Eastern philosophies of energy centers and those are being stimulated by this movement activity, but I have not seen anything even close to science on that," he says.

The Promise: You'll not only have stronger, firmer, more visible abs in 30 days, but you can achieve this without ever getting off your couch, some manufacturers say. One company says you can tone all the muscles in your abdomen in a few weeks using the machine just 30 minutes a day -- while you "watch TV, fold laundry, or help your kids with their homework."

What the Experts Say: According to Bryant, the principal behind ab stimulators comes directly from physical therapy, where it's used to help contract injured muscles. However, he cautions that what works on a damaged muscle will have minimal effects, at best, on a healthy one.

Quist adds that the amount of stimulation necessary to tone healthy muscles would be so great that you would likely burn or injure yourself in the process. "I see no real value for healthy muscles," says Quist.

Varlotta agrees. "If you go back to the basic principals of muscle stimulation, it's to help bring nutrients into the injured area and increase blood supply," he says. "But the studies have failed to show any increase in strength or endurance. So, from a healing standpoint, it may help if you have an injury, but that's about it."

Moreover, in 2003, the makers of three ab stimulators -- Fast Abs, Ab Tronic, and Ab Energizer --agreed to pay more than $5 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges brought against them for false advertising claims.

They first came to public attention in the 1970s as a way to supposedly alleviate chronic back pain. Today, inversion boots -- as well as inversion "racks" -- are resurfacing as a way to not only relieve pain, but to tone and condition muscles involved in posture and core strength.

How They Work: The boots, which are really ankle supports strapped to your lower leg, are designed to hook into a "rack" that allows you to invert your body up to 40 degrees. (Think a patio chaise longue that puts your legs in the air while pushing your head toward the ground). For the real pros, the boots are hooked into a rack that literally leave you dangling in the air, your head about 2 feet off the ground.

What the Experts Say: "In principle, it's a way of using your own body weight to reverse the effects of gravity -- which does work, temporarily. Unfortunately, the minute you resume your normal position, all the effects are lost," says Varlotta. Moreover, he adds, that to gain lasting results, the amount of time you would have to spend upside down would be dangerous.

Bryant agrees. "For the chronic back pain sufferer, it might be worth a try, but under no circumstances should it be considered a long-term fix," he says. And, he says, anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes, or whose backaches are caused by excess weight should never use an inversion boot or table.

SOURCES: Ben Quist, DPT, director, Form and Fitness Health Club and Rehabilitation Center, Milwaukee, Wis. Gerard Varlotta, DO, director, sports rehabilitation, NYU Medical Center's Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine/Hospital for Joint Disease; clinical associate professor, NYU School of Medicine. Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer, American Council on Exercise. WebMD Medical News: "Vibrate to Keep Fat Off? Study Weighs In."

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