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linear vibrating screen, sieve & separator manufacturer - gaofu

linear vibrating screen, sieve & separator manufacturer - gaofu

The Linear Vibrating Sieve has a particular effect on the screening and classification of powdery and grain materials. Linear vibrating screens are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, coherer, metallurgical and mining industries.

Metals, metallurgy and mining: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electromagnetic materials, abrasive powder, refractory materials, kaolin, lime, alumina, heavy carbonic acid Calcium, quartz sand, metal powder industry, mining industry, etc.;

The linear vibrating screen is a general-purpose device. According to different industries, the implementation standards are different, such as: food grade, and pharmaceutical grade, so they can be customized accordingly.

Working principle of the vibrating separator: when two vibrating motors are vertically mounted on the screen body and do relative power, the eccentric blocks at the ends generated exciting forces, resulting in the lateral vibration forces which offset each other due to the relative operation of the motors. The longitudinal vibration force is passed to the entire screen box through the vibrating body to vibrate the screen surface, so that the material on the screen surface do jumping movement to the outlet direction, material smaller than the mesh hole will fall to the lower deck, and be discharged after continuous jumping. Because the screening process is reasonable, the materials after classification can obtain several different particle sizes of materials. In this way, the classification work is finished.

As a linear vibrating screen manufacturer, Gaofu companys products are not limited to one model. According to different industries and material characteristics, we have developed GFZX granule sifting machine, SZF straight sieve and other two models. Gaofu company can meet not only the standard needs of customers, but also tailor-made requirements for special customers. This is our advantage, because we have 38 years screening experience and more than 10,000 customer testimonials.

This vibrating separator has a simple structure and also easy operations. According to customers requirements and product characteristics, Gaofu can provide three kinds of screen frame: carbon steel screen frame, stainless steel screen frame or punching plate. No matter which one a customer chooses, Gaofu company can use strict manufacturing process to ensure the quality of products.

The linear vibrating screen can be adapted by the factory to meet special requirements regarding plant layout, performance and environmental constraints. Specify your particular requirements, or enquire us about the range of features, accessories, painting systems and materials of construction currently available.

vibrating screen manufacturer

vibrating screen manufacturer

SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD., is an ISO 9001:2015 company having CE Certification and stands as one of the largest vibrating screen manufacturers in India, involved in manufacture and supply of quality and efficient vibrating screenseparation equipments.

food processing screens - food & beverage strainers | industrial screen & maintenance

food processing screens - food & beverage strainers | industrial screen & maintenance

Industrial Screen and Maintenance is the leading US Manufacturer for custom and replacement screens of all shapes and sizes including food processing screens for the food and beverage industry. We specialize in wedge wire screen, wire mesh and polyester mesh filter screens used for sieves, vibrating screens and various filtration screens. Our unique capabilities and experienced staff are here to help you rescreen or design a replacement screen for your operation. We stock a wide variety of materials allowing for fast turnaround for various screening products for food and beverage applications. As a US Manufacturer with two locations we are able to ship custom orders within a few days, saving you valuable downtime!

Polyester Mesh provides excellent chemical, thermal and high permeability for easier cleaning. Easy to handle, offers thermal and chemical resistance, with dimensional stability. Available in multiple small micron mesh sizes.

316 Stainless Perforated Steel offers a variety of larger holes sizes and open area, firm solid structure. Has a high wear and corrosion resistance, easy to clean and long life span. Available in various thickness and hole patterns.

Vee Screen or Wedge Wire offers a larger open area with precise gap and slotted profiles, incredibly durable, and easy to clean. Most commonly used for; vibrating deck panels, centrifuges, flat shaker style screen panels, sieve panels, cylinders and half cylinders.

tumbler screen - tumbler sieving machine - tumbler sifter | china hongda

tumbler screen - tumbler sieving machine - tumbler sifter | china hongda

1.Tumbler screenmachine is suitable for spherical, cylindrical or flake rules easily damaged, deformed material; 2.Tumbler sieving machine can freedom control residence time of materials stay on the mesh, double accuracy, double output. 3. Ultrasonic cleaning system, brush cleaning system,bouncing ballcleaning system a variety of ways, guarantee the mesh screen hole is not blocked, not out of shape. 4.Tumbler sifter Rubber spring swing transfer intensity, soft noiseless.

Tumbler screenmachine is an artificial imitation of shaking low frequency sieving machine, working principle is synthesis of transient motion displacement and this displacement in the radial direction of the axis of circular motion(Helical motion), can adjust the eccentricity nonlinear three-dimensional motion of the exciter, the material also produces same motion approximation manual jobs, so as to achieve the purpose of screening, combined with sieving attachment can get more ideal screening effect. Suitable for circular, cylindrical, sheet, and even regular shapes easy to block network and require sophisticated screening materials.

Tumbler screenmachine in the screening process, due to a variety of materials itself has a strong adsorption, easy to hold together, high static, high precision, high density, light weight and other characteristics, easy to clog the mesh, thus greatly reducing the efficiency of the screening effect. In order to ensure screening effect, therefore, necessary to increase the net cleaning device on the device. HongDa company draw on advanced foreign technology and years of experience combined withtumbler screenmachine circular mounting structure and multi-layer solutions, designed several (pictured above) screen cleaning system, it is suitable for requirements of different materials means.

vibrating screen, screening machines, linear vibrating sieve

vibrating screen, screening machines, linear vibrating sieve

Previously difficult to screen dry/wet including sticky and abrasive material with round vibrating screener is now easily achieved with the new dual deck horizontal vibrating screen i.e. Linea SIVTEK. The unique, single to dual convertible screening deck design of the horizontal screening machine ensures high screening efficiency and boosts productivity.

Being the largest screening machine manufacturer, Galaxy Sivtek provides best quality rectangular separators to screen, grade, de-lump, de-water any bulk solid or slurry. This rectangular sieve is invented to handle high feed flow, where the application needs to be screened in huge capacity. It supplies maximum throughput with accurate gradation.

This linear vibrating sieve machine comes with an easy clamping system that allows the operator to easily clean the mesh if required. The Linear vibratory screen separator can also be customized with CIP system to clean the mesh easily compared to manual cleaning.

circular vibrating screens for particle size products - italian food tech

circular vibrating screens for particle size products - italian food tech

Erimaki produces different types of screens, including circular vibrating and direct discharge screens; rectangular, static, rotary and tumbler screens. Productivity and professionalism in screening and separation has been the companys philosophy for over thirty years.

Thanks to the simple adjustment of counterweights on the motor axis and the three-dimensional vibration they generate, the circular vibrating screens allow to sieve, classify, dedust and filter a very wide range of products, achieving good results even with fine products. The vibrating motion of the screen runs both horizontally and vertically and can be adjusted in both directions.

The vibrating screens are characterized by the possibility to easily and quickly change the vibrating movement and, consequently, the behaviour of the material to be sieved. By installing an inverter, it is possible to change the vibration speed, assuring flexibility of use, with both solid and liquid products. Thanks to the simple construction, the screens can be quickly disassembled for cleaning or mesh replacement.

custom vibrating conveyors & screeners - action vibratory conveyors

custom vibrating conveyors & screeners - action vibratory conveyors

Construction is robust and designed to properly integrate with the chipper spout. Material is aligned in the upstream transitional area and discharged thereafter via the contoured spout. The bolted take-out section is located immediately upstream of the spout and can be removed to help facilitate spout removal when chipper access is required.

ACTIONs high strength monolithic fiberglass conveyor sections provide a metal free area to properly isolate and protect the metal detector search coil. The metal detector scans for tramp metal and protects downstream size reduction equipment such as chippers and hogs.

Bases are individually selected, stringently aligned, and fabricated from continuous heavy-duty structural steel employing a network of integral gussets with strategically positioned reaction assemblies and lateral ties to provide the necessary rigidity. All units are tested and tuned in their entirety.

Commonly used for light duty applications, the contour spring is an attractive alternate to coil springs and constant thickness plastic springs (fiberglass leafs / slats). This specially contoured spring (thicker on the ends and thinner in the middle) is based on patented constant stress geometry to evenly distribute load along its entire length virtually eliminating failures due to high stress concentrations at each clamp bar edge. Contour composite springs are available in both balanced and unbalanced designs.

For many materials, the patented TAPER-SLOT Screen is the preferred alternate to inherently problematic classification equipment such as finger Screens, perforated screens, wire mesh screens, disc screens, and rotary trommels. Without cross wires, rods, or high wear rotating discs to catch or restrict material flow, the TAPER-SLOT SCREEN can quickly classify materials with less blinding for accurate and continuous high volume screening. All screen sections are modular, easily changeable, and available in wide range of materials.

ACTIONs compact, reliable and responsive natural frequency coil spring drive eliminates destructive force concentrations common to brute force systems, permits smooth starts and stops under varying load conditions, eliminates problems associated with cumbersome rubber compression drives, and minimizes power consumption. The drive shaft, a solid piece of alloy steel with built-in eccentricity is supported by heavy-duty self-aligning roller bearings. ACTIONs rugged coil spring drive is simple with fewer parts to minimize maintenance.

Manufactured from premium materials, torque nuts take larger, often unattainable, tensioning requirements and reduce them into manageable torques via the use of multiple jack bolts. High clamping force, quick installation, accurate, even and safe tensioning is easily obtained with only a hand torque wrench (no air required).

The ACTION industrial strength permanent magnetic trap is an economical solution for the reliable removal and retention of ferrous tramp metal in free-flowing materials. Tramp metal removal increases uptime, equipment life and safety. Often installed upstream from a metal detector, ACTIONs magnetic trap reduces labor costs and nuisance trips.

Ideal for materials that tend to stick to metallic surfaces, a flexible conveying surface is connected to the vibrating conveyor trough side-walls to form a natural catenary. During operation, the vibratory action causes the resilient conveying surface to flex thus reducing the frequency of material build-up.

The SCU protects your investment through the active management of vibratory stroke amplitude, eliminating costly problems attributable to undesirable, unnoticed, irregular, and uncontrolled operating variables. By continuously monitoring and automatically controlling stroke, a mechanically sound conveyor is maintained under all operating conditions without unexpected stroke mandated shutdowns. The SCU is an important link in centralized process automation and is ideally suited for abnormal operating conditions or when conveyors are inaccessible.

Modular conveyor sections are properly aligned at the factory (pan, base, & balancer) with bolted connections for quick and easy installation. Since field welding between sections is not required, valuable installation time is saved.

Generously sized troughs can be furnished in mild, abrasion resistant, stainless, or special alloy steel and configured in a wide variety of widths, depths, lengths, shapes, and thicknesses. In addition to standard designs, special arrangements are available for abrasive, corrosive, high temperature, or sanitary applications.

Constructed from pure, high grade alloy spring steel, each spring is centerless-ground, shot peened, stress relieved, inspected for material flaws, and painted for corrosion resistance. In accordance with strict design criteria, reaction springs are strategically and uniformly positioned with application specific attack angles. Operating stress on all ACTION components is exceptionally low.

Conveyors may be horizontal, inclined, declined, or a combination thereof. Properly engineered structural supports meet specific elevation requirements and allow for easy clean up beneath the conveyor.

Generously applied to help guarantee proper material tracking, each solid arm is fitted with precision-machined bushings to command straight-line motion, absorb impact loads, and provide lubrication-free articulation. ACTIONs torsional bushings provide high fatigue life with rubber in compression and shear. Other notable features include universally serrated inner sleeves, interchangeability, and inner sleeve bonding for maximum load bearing capacity.

Fully gusseted bolted hooding provide sealing of the conveying deck and may be equipped with custom inlets, flexible boot connections, inspection doors or windows, and quick-release clamps for easy removal.

An assortment of dynamic balancing systems, both compensating and non-compensating, are utilized to minimize foundation costs and the transfer of unwanted vibrations to foundations, supporting structures, and surrounding equipment. Balanced vibrating conveyors are the correct choice for elevated and suspended applications.

The in-feed cantilevered and flared section allows for an input that isnt in-line and creates additional below trough space to accommodate existing equipment or structures. This feature also provides the ability to field-shorten the overall conveyor length to achieve the necessary fit.

Under Shredder Conveyor View Picture Heavy Duty Vibratory Conveyors for Frack Sand View Picture Chipper In-Feed Conveyor with Metal Detector for Sawmill View Picture Seed Screening Conveyor View Picture Unbalanced Vibratory Conveyors at Sawmill View Picture Edger & Re-Saw Vibratory Conveyors for Sawmill View Picture Severe Duty Load Conveyor for C&D View Picture Hooded Conveyor w/ Stainless Steel Discharge and Crossbelt Magnetic Separator for Electronic Scrap View Picture Whole Log Chipper In-Feed Conveyor for Sawmill View Picture Shredder Discharge Conveyor View Picture Furnace Infeed Conveyor - Foundry View Picture Chip Screening Conveyor with side discharge for Sawmill View Picture Chipper In-Feed Conveyor for Sharp Chain Slabs & Lily Pads View Picture Conveyor for Bottom Ash View Picture Bark Transfer Conveyor for Sawmill View Picture Conveyor with Over/Under Metal Detector System View Picture

vibrating screens

vibrating screens

Distributor of nail sets, socket sets, tool sets, nut setters, vibrating screens & screeners. Also distributor of industrial products & equipment such as abrasives, cutting tools, machinery, precision tools, fluids & lubes, safety products, material handling equipment, shop supplies, tool holding & tool working components. Also repairing & rebuilding services for all makes & models of pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, gasoline & battery operated tools, pumps & equipment.

Distributor of vibratory screens. Products include volumetric vibratory, gravity flow vibratory and air powered vibratory screeners. Concrete, cement, precast, prestressed, stone, sand, gravel, feed, grain, chemical, textile, pulp and paper, fertilizer and food industries served.

Distributor of vibrating screens with components. Available with regulators, air valves, breather vents, socket-head caps and vibrators. Various other products available include nozzles, holders, cabinets, guns, beads, cleaners and tumbling media.

Manufacturer of vibrating or shaking screens. Types include powder, wet and portable screens. Powder and wet screens are available in 24 to 60 in. dia. Capabilities include bagging, blending, delumping, dry filling, separating, testing and ultrasonic sealing. Secondary services such as bar coding, distribution, drop shipping, labeling, rework/redesign, screen printing and supply chain management offered. Serves the aerospace, agricultural, chemical, dental, laboratory, marine, military, robotics, semiconductor, wastewater, textile, nuclear and mining industries.

Manufacturer of woven wire cloth & welded wire cloth for vibrating screen. A broad range of wire cloth items in 36 in., 48 in. & 60 in. wide materials in 100 in. rolls is available for screens. Meshes are available in diameters ranging from 0.00085 in. to 0.250 in. Width of wire mesh opening ranges from 0.0010 in. to 0.937 in.

Manufacturer of dry vibrating screens. Available up to 11 m length and 0.9 to 4.8 m width. Provided in horizontal, multi-slope and inclined versions coupled with single, double and triple deck configurations. Suitable for use in various applications such as scalping, sizing, recycling, carbon recovery, secondary and tertiary crushing.

Custom fabricator of revolving, gyratory and vibrating screens. Wire cloth construction include lap and butt seam, perforated metal back-up, tinner's lap, cone, U binder, gasketing, multi-layer, envelope fold, truncated cone, formed or drawn and machined or stamped. Sieves and strainers are also available. Applications include aerospace, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, automotive and medical. QS 9000 compliant.

Custom manufacturer of vibrating screens made from tinned, annealed & stainless steel. Specifications of vibrating screens include two to sixty mesh count/in., 0.0065 in. to 0.054 in. mesh diameter, 0.102 in. to 0.4460 in. mesh opening & 37.5 percent to 79.6 percent open area. Vibrating screens are suitable for food processing applications including flour milling, sifting, seed & feed sifting.

Distributor of material handling products including screens such as wire screens & vibrating screens. Services include lightweight belt fabrication, heavyweight belt fabrication, reducer assembly & repair, hydraulic/pneumatic system design, project management, system integration & fabrication, storeroom survey, energy audit, data management & cleansing, inventory management, supply management, life cycle performance analysis, OEM conversion, product standardization, electric motor management, customer part numbering & bar coding, predictive & preventative maintenance & safety, maintenance & quality training services. JIT delivery available.

Manufacturer & distributor of gyratory screens including vibrating & shaking screens. Features include accurate separation, automatic screen tightening & V-belt drive. Specifications include inlet dia. from 6 in. to 16 in., power from 1 hp to 10 hp, number of screens from 1 to 4, size from 2 in. x 4 in. to 6 in. x 14 in. & weight from 1200 lbs. to 10000 lbs.

Distributor of mixing & dispersing blades, grinding & polishing medias, & equipment including grinding & mixing filtering, sieving & classifying, environmental, filling & pumping. Mixing & dispersing blades are available in a wide variety & materials include stainless steel, various hard coated polymers & other alloys. Decorative glass & beads. Types of grinding & polishing medias include polystyrene, polyamid, PMMA, polycarbonate, polyurethane, sand, soda lime glass, low alkali glass, flint pebbles, steatite, mullite, alumina toughened, satellites, cylinders, naturals & beeds, soda lime & low alkali glass, steel shots, wires, spheres, & beads. Various types of grinding & polishing medias are available for particle size reduction, de-agglomeration, & de-burring applications. Abrasion resistant parts can be custom made from materials including polymers, ceramics, & metals or combinations. Technical assistance is available for selection of products based on application.

Used Equipment Broker, Plant Liquidator, AMEA Certified Appraiser, Joint Ventures; Specializing In Chemical, Plastic, Rubber & Related Processing Machinery & Equipment. Agitators, Autoclaves, Blenders, Boilers, Hot Oil Heaters, Centrifuges, Compressors, Blowers, Classifiers, Dispersers, Dissolvers, Dryers, Evaporators, Extruders, Flakers, Filter Presses, Filter Pressure Leaf, Homogenizers, Heat Exchangers, Condensers Kettles, Laboratory Testing Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Ball & Pebble Mills, Paint & Ink Mills, Pulverizers, Mixers, Ovens, Packaging Plastic Granulators, Hydraulic Presses, Pumps, Reactors, Screens, Tanks, Vacuum Pumps, Versators & Other Misc. Equipment

Manufacturer and supplier of vibratory machines for inducing bulk solid materials to flow vertically or convey. Induced conveying machine include conveyors, feeders, screens, vibratory fluidized beds, spiral elevators, foundry mold shakeouts and attrition mills & sand reclaimers. Machine features include dynamically counterbalanced with little vibration transmission and no need for extra foundation supports. Induced vertical flow machines include bin activators, activated bins, screw feeders, storage pile dischargers, railcar discharger, densifiers and bulk bag unloaders and container activators.

Custom manufacturer of vibratory screens. Types include two mass, direct drive, grizzly, finger, sand & fine screens. Industries served include foundry, food, pharmaceutical, waste recycling, wood, chemical & mining.

Stocking distributor of single & three deck vibrating screens including shaking screens. Available in 24 in. & 48 in. sizes with 1/3 hp & 2.5 hp motor & 1,120 rpm speed. Presses, piston extruders, mixers, blenders, attritors, jars, ball, paint, pebble & vibratory type mills, crushers, pulverizers, granulators, spray dryers/drying systems, furnaces, kilns, ovens & tanks are also available.

Manufacturer of standard & custom perforated vibrating screens. Capabilities include finishing & fabricating of screen materials including carbon steel, brass, galvanized steel, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, nickel silver, alloys & iron. Capabilities also include perforating of materials ranging from 0.008 in. foil-thin to 1 in. plate thickness, sheets up to 18 ft. L, coils & a variety of shapes in various hole shapes, sizes & arrangements including round, square, oblong, triangle, slot, hex, oval & diamond holes. Fabrication & finishing services include leveling, shearing, bar coding/labeling, packaging, degreasing, deburring, forming, blanking, painting/powder coating, welding, polishing, joining, bending & rolling.

Manufacturer of water backwash strainers. Includes non pressure devices that remove suspended solids from high flow water streams up to 4200 gpm, the continual lifting of solids from the screen, minimized potential plugging, large mesh size screens & smaller size filters. Also includes collection chambers, bottom-up sprays & splash guards. Specifications include 1/3 HP, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 460 V motors, stainless steel construction & cloth materials of stainless steel & polyester.

Manufacturer of vibrating screens including gyratory, hybrute, laboratory & ultrasonic screens. Vibrating screens can be air powered, electro magnetic & electro mechanical driven. Screens include standard controls such as quick acting valve, air line filter, pressure regulator gauge, lubricator & 5 ft. long air hose with pipe fittings. Screening capacity ranges from .0058 in. up to 4 in. Screens with gravity flow designs also available. Applications include metal working, mining, chemicals, food, foundry & pulp & paper applications.

Designs & Supplies Equipment To Handle Dry Bulk Materials. Products Include Bin Activators, Live Bottom Bins, Bulk Bag Unloaders & Fillers, Volumetric & Gravimetric Feeders, Vibratory Conveyors & Screens. A Full Test Facility Is Available

Custom manufacturer of perforated metal screens including sizing & vibrating screens for mining, oil refining & aggregate applications. Wide range of thicknesses, hole size patterns (round, square, hexagonal, slotted & decorative) & configurations available. Materials include steel, stainless, galvanized, galvannealed steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, as well as vinyl coated & pre-painted. Abrasion & corrosion resistant properties.

Manufacturer of standard & custom material separation & recovery / destruction systems including straining, sizing & vibrating screens. Designed for recovering precious metals from computers & telecommunications scrap, nylon from carpet, recyclables & mis-packaged consumer products such as breakfast cereals, cosmetics, milk & juice containers. Also available vibrating, rotary & magnetic screens. Services include preventive maintenance, ovehauling, technical support, mobile services, turnkey installation & training services.

Manufacturer Machy. For Rock, Gravel & Sand Processing. Jaw Crushers, 30"x 42", 24"x 36" & 10"x 36" Ranging From 17 To 520 TPH Capacity. Vibrating Grizzly Feeder, 46"x 16'. Fine Material Sandwasher, 36"x 25', Also Converts To Coarse Material Washer. 2-Deck Inline Screen, 4'x 10', For Portable Or Stationary Applications. For Aggregate, Recycling & Mining Operations

Custom manufacturer of vibrating screens ranging from 18 to 72 in. diameter. Screens available with different bonding options including spot welding and epoxies depending on intended applications. Other products include vibrating and center discharge separators and processing equipment. Capabilities include upgrade, repair, and machinery rebuilds. Pharmaceutical, food processing, and aircraft industries served.

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