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Vibramech is South Africas largest manufacturer of vibrating mineral processing equipment. We engineer solutions for your unique mineral processing requirements. Our current installed base of over 8000 pieces of equipment makes us the South African leader in market share, supplying almost 70% of the market with our renowned products. Our wide ranges of machines and screens are locally manufactured in Johannesburg and supported across the world with ongoing aftermarket service and support.

Grizzly Feeders Grizzly feeders with robust designs ensure even feed to primary crushers and remove fines. Grizzly bars are cast manganese, cast manganese CrMo alloy or wear-resistant fabricated options.

Tube Feeders Tube feeders are designed to provide a secure conveying solution for valuable ore. Vibramech tube feeders have various cross sections to suit the conveying length and feed capacity requirements.

Drives Vibramech equipment is vibrator motor-, geared exciter- or oscillator-driven. We're the exclusive African and Middle Eastern distributor of URAS vibrator motors and also manufacture geared exciters under licence to Siebtechnik.

Grease Tables Grease tables are an efficient diamond recovery solution and are available in various sizes. They are supplied with support stands and water boxes. Feed boxes and discharge chutes are available as optional extras.

Vibramech has over 40 years of vibrating equipment design and mineral processing experience, which enables us to supply screens, feeders, grease tables and drives best suited to our clients requirements. Our design practice makes use of Finite Element Method and Strain Gauge Analysis to prove structural integrity, and detailed attention is paid to wear protection and commonality of components to minimise spare parts inventories.

Our flexibility in design gives customers the freedom to design their plant infrastructure without standard equipment dimensional constraints. This means equipment can be retrofitted to existing infrastructure without major alterations to chutes, underpans and support steelwork.

Vibramech has an installed base of over 8 000 pieces of mineral processing equipment worldwide. We have supplied vibrating mineral processing machines extensively throughout Africa and have equipment installed in, amongst other regions, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Canada, USA, South America, Australia, India, United Kingdom and the Philippines.

The mining and mineral processing industries across the globe constitute the majority of Vibramechs client base. We have extensive experience in gold, diamond, coal, iron ore, manganese, platinum, chrome, nickel, uranium, copper, mineral sands and aggregate operations.

As a South African company, Vibramech contributes to the countrys socio-economic and enterprise development through a partnership it has with the Riversands Incubation Hub. Vibramechs donations to this important initiative have, to date, resulted in the construction of the retail showroom at the Hub, recruiting training partners and providing infrastructures for agri-preneurs.

vibrating screen manufacturer - supplier, exporter in india

vibrating screen manufacturer - supplier, exporter in india

Avishkar is leading company providing optimum quality screening equipments. It is a vast field of screening equipments that are used in so many industrial activities. We offer such equipments for Separation, grinding, crushing, drying, storage and many more functions. We offer screening equipments and milling machines with cost-effective price. Our product comprises circular vibrating screen suplier in india, gyro multi deck screen machine, rectangular multi deck screen machine, rotary screen, Intensive Mixer Manufacturer, Table Feeder Manufacturer,Refractory Units Manufacturer,Castable Units Manufacturer, Pelletizing Plant Manufacturer, Manganese Fines Processing Units, Rice Husk Ash Pelletisation, Pelletizing Plant Manufacturer, Ceramics Units,Vibrating Screen Manufacturer, dynamic separator and custom screening.

We also offer robust series of milling machines like batch type ball mill, ball mill, continuous ball mill, disintegrator mill and many more. We believe that quality states itself about our products. Credit of quality must be given to our efficient team of professionals. Execution of the technology such a right way is also our hidden criteria of quality. To provide perfectly suitable equipment, we possess high tech production set ups.

Employment of advanced machinery is other reason of precision of fabrication. Precise equipments lead further precision in performance that is main support to our client to be front of their competitor. Got inspiration from the satisfied clients from all over India, we have expanded our trade to Malaysia, Indonesia, Oman, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Congo, Greece, etc.

the full guide to writing an ebook [+free ebook template]

the full guide to writing an ebook [+free ebook template]

Ebooks can be used to move your potential customers down the sales funnel. People anticipate an in-depth analysis of their topic of interest and are ready to provide their email address or even phone number in exchange for information.

However, not all Ebooks are equally good. To avoid disappointing your readers, you have to own the Ebook creation process from start to finish. This means conducting topic and audience research, structuring, and writing your book so that it delivers maximal value but doesnt overwhelm your readers, formatting, publishing, and promoting your Ebook.

According to Curata Blog, 63% of B2B buyers would happily provide their contact details for an Ebook. The immediate availability and the perceived value of the Ebook as well as the fact that its free encourage your audience to provide you with a means of direct communication.

To start generating leads, create a landing page with a lead-generation form (a gate), put some extra effort into promoting it on social media or via paid ads, and start building your email/phone number list.

Try to take those leads down the marketing funnel with the help of email marketing, which, according to a recent study by Econsultancy, has proven to be the most effective channel in terms of ROI or (if you have phone numbers) with the help of your sales department.

The Semrush State of Content Marketing Report 2020 shows that todays audience tends to be interested in 7000+word long-reads (they generate the most page views, shares, and backlinks), which means you can leverage an Ebook focused on the theme of your marketing campaign to expand your coverage too.

Conversely, you can turn an Ebooks most engaging chapters into blog posts, infographics, emails, and even videos to cover more channels and expand your reach without too much extra investment. Heres how we repurposed parts of our Ultimate Social Media Checklist Ebook into a blog post and an infographic:

In the modern world of informed decisions, precise data is highly valued. Ebooks give an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise through research and earn the respect of B2B buyers by providing information that isnt easy to obtain.

To offer their insights on Generating Small Business Customers With Social Media Marketing, HubSpot spent time and effort interviewing small business marketers and researching their own customer base to identify 10 common traits shared by small business owners who are successfully using social media.

In their Beverage Trends Report, Think with Google used loads of consumer info and advertising trends based on actual search data from real web users to create a rare instance of a big (and undoubtedly impressive) top-of-the-funnel report.

No Ebook will succeed if the value it delivers doesnt connect the audience to your brand. In fact, you can create your Ebook for this purpose solely and convert it into a branded image enhancer, as the Content Marketing Institute calls it.

As a well-known company, you can do the opposite and align the Ebook cover and design with your corporate identity so that your audience associates the data they are using with you. For example, the Content Marketing Institute sticks to their favorite color scheme so that you can recognize their Ebooks from a distance, even if they decide to play with the font.

A similar approach works with the text: you can back up your statements with quotes from the experts/thought leaders or from your customers, mentioning your company name in a positive way, or even place these quotes on the cover.

With the majority of communication between you and your customers happening online, you have to find a way to visualize your credibility and bring it to people. Ebooks can do an amazing job here due to their great visual potential and data-driven nature.

You can format your case studies and success stories as downloadable Ebooks, which allows you to show the tactics your business used to achieve results with real customers. This can help increase the credibility of your brand or product.

However, if you are not a strong brand yet, we dont recommend going after hot topics and hot audiences. To create a truly valuable product, favor the topics in which you have expertise or experience. Of course, youll still have to do a lot of research and surveys, but at least youll understand what you are researching.

Note: Market Explorer can quickly analyze any niche audience on the Internet. Type any website dedicated to the topic of your Ebook into the search bar, and get its audiences age, gender, interests, and location.

A convenient way to distribute a questionnaire is via Google Forms. You can leave a link to the poll on social networks, include it in an email campaign, share in niche communities, launch a survey via PPC, or place it on a special landing page.

For example, Annie Maguire, a successful blogger, made a pre-sale landing page for her Ebook, which summarized her product and gave a launch date. Through the email capture form, people could sign up to get notified of the Ebooks publication. Annie then used those contacts to ask for their ideas and feedback while writing her Ebook.

Users ask thousands of questions on Q&A platforms every day. Research what people are asking about the topic you are thinking of covering. The easiest way to find relevant questions is to type partial questions or your keyword into the Quora search box.

Based on this knowledge, adapt your tone of voice, design, message, TA, and a landing page. Even the order of chapters can be influenced by your audiences goals. Well talk about specific examples in the next few chapters.

Different formats work better for customers at different customer journey stages. Determine the journey stage of the people you are targeting - have they only just become aware of your product? Are they in the process of evaluating solutions to their needs, orare they ready to purchase?

This is the end of the funnel, where content can accelerate the purchase. The content you create should answer very specific questions about your product or service (e.g., how it actually works or what skills are required to deal with it).

You may understand the general area you want to cover in your Ebook but don't know what to write about specifically. Keyword research will help you. Even in the free version of the Keyword Magic tool, you can check the popular queries for your topic in Google.

Note: The Semrush Keyword Magic tool has a useful feature that allows you to determine not just individual query volume but the overall topic volume. If you find a topic thats high volume, your chances of reaching a large audience increase.

Of particular interest is the Questions tab, which allows you to discover queries in the form of natural-sounding phrases. These are most likely set using Voice Search and also reflect peoples needs.

Take a close look at which topics your competitors have chosen, where they published, and how they designed their Ebooks. Then, use the feedback they got on this content and research the engagement to see if the topic is trending.

The other thing youll want to do is to research what self-publishers publish on this topic on Ebook platforms Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Go to the Top 100 paid bestsellers and see if there are books on your topic.

Pay attention to the reviews. You may find a clue to what readers were missing and what they were asking for. The latter is more likely to be written in reviews with low ratings, so use filtering by stars.

Some Ebook sections will only be relevant to particular types of Ebooks. For example, you will probably want to include a section with tables and figures if you're writing a research paper, or a CTA if one of your strategic reasons is to take a reader to your product page.

You should also consider the specific audience youre targeting and how they will engage with your content. Targeting potential customers will require a different approach to engagement thanif youre targeting academics.

If you are writing a white paper with statistics, then you can say X [Industry] Statistics On [Topic]. Or maybe youd prefer to choose the most popular questions that people ask and write X Common Questions About [Topic] Answered.

Consider mentioning your buyer persona in the title to establish a personal connection with your reader. Let them know that you wrote this book especially for the investor, businesswoman, or financier.

Its tempting to talk about your feelings or goals you want to achieve, but readers are a bit selfish, and they clearly want to know what theyll get if they invest their time in reading your Ebook. For example, You will discover how to

If youre creating an academic paper, such as a research paper, literature review, thesis, etc., an abstract can help you explain why the study was conducted, to begin with, what the research has concluded and how these findings can be applied. As an industry expert, only you will know how to engage your readers from the outset.

To give a personal message to the reader about why the topic is close to you, how you found information, and the story behind the book, use the preface section. At the same time, dont hide critical information in your preface many readers often skip this section.

Perhaps you need to give the reader a little background information to then move on to an analysis of a narrower topic. Heres how Cornerstone did it in their Rise of a Holistic Learning Experience whitepaper:

Make each element in the table of contents clickable, so readers can go to the appropriate place in the Ebook. If you are writing a complex Ebook, divide the content using the main headings and subheadings.

Your CTA will depend on the goals you want to achieve with your Ebook. For example, you can include a video about your company at the end of company playbook if youre targeting potential job candidates, or a link to further research if your goal is to educate your readers about a topic.

So far, we've been talking about how people are willing to give up their contact information in exchange for something that provides value. Therefore, in order to keep your end of the deal, you need to make sure your Ebook meets this definition.

Its important to ensure that your Ebook isnt just paying lip service to the topic at hand. Readers will be disappointed if they part with their contact information, only to find that theres no substance or weight to what youre writing about.

This doesnt mean that you should waffle on for the sake of it, however. Try to summarize your points succinctly, and convey only what is necessary. Filler content will turn off readers especially busy ones pretty quickly.

Finally, be cautious in your use of jargon. If your Ebook is targeted at an audience that knows the topic well, then some technical jargon is acceptable. However, as a rule, you should always write for a more general lay audience or assume that, for most readers, your Ebook is going to be an introduction to the topic in question.

If possible, try to speak to industry experts and get their take on key issues or trends. Their participation will give your Ebook more credibility, as well as providing useful insights into how your findings affect real-life organizations.

You can also use these quotes to divide your text and draw your readers attention to particular areas. Just make sure that your chosen experts have sufficient authority on the topic theyre discussing!

Ultimately, the best way to validate what youre saying is by supporting it with cold, hard numbers. However, this doesnt necessarily mean that you have to create complex visualizations or invest in huge research campaigns; your output could be something as simple as the results of a social media customer survey.

You can also research and refer (and of course link!) to external sources, although you should be 100% certain of their accuracy and credibility first. If youre able to utilize all of this research to dispel a common misconception or idea, then even better!

Collecting this kind of information also enables you to build more meaningful relationships with your participants or sources, who will then be more likely to share the final publication across their networks.

In the process of creating your Ebook, you will be pulling together research and interviewing experts in much the same way that a journalist would prepare an article. However, your finished product should have a more helpful and personable voice, like a blog post. You want to inform your audience, but you also want to engage with them in a one-to-one way.

Your font scheme should consist of no more than three fonts (one for headings, one for highlighted sections, and one for body text), and it should be applied consistently throughout the document. There is no definitive research on which font is the most effective, but it is generally advisable to use a clean, sans-serif font such as Roboto, Arial, or Lato. Its advisable that one line of text does not exceed 80 symbols (including spaces), or have less than 40.

If you are planning to use stock photos, make sure you have permission to do so. Agencies such as iStockPhoto, Unsplash, and Adobe Stock offer a wide array of stock photo options for use in Ebook layouts, but before you use a particular image, you need to check if it has any publication limitations. Different providers will offer different guidelines in this regard, so make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your license.

Ensure that any illustrations or photos that you use are placed strategically throughout the book and that they adhere to basic design principles. If your Ebook consists mainly of text and maybe one or two images, then you should be able to produce the layout on your own. However, if you want your finished product to look professional and include plenty of illustrative elements, then its advisable to work with a professional graphic designer for this part of the process.

Again, there is no definitive strategy for this, but as a general rule of thumb, most experts recommend that you should incorporate a significant ratio of white space into your layout. This is to avoid dense, text-heavy pages that challenge readers and make the content look unappealing.

Its also a good idea to incorporate visual breaks in and between paragraphs, which can be achieved by using bulleted lists for quick facts, lists, or descriptions, and blank lines between paragraphs (a technique known as the block method).

Some readers will only be interested in a specific sub-topic or section, so your content should be structured logically and mapped out as such in your table of contents. This will allow those readers to find what theyre looking for quickly, rather than trawling aimlessly through paragraphs of text.

Keep in mind that these are general recommendations. If youre creating a serious study, or if your competitors have created similar Ebooks in a more modest style, then its not advisable to experiment with too many images or unconventional fonts (unless such a style will allow you to achieve your goals).

Where possible, maintain a page hierarchy. Images will always be noticed first, followed by your headings, and, finally, your body of the text. Therefore, your images should always serve a purpose by reinforcing and emphasizing your message.

Be consistent with your page margins (the only exception is for images that exceed the pages corner). It is advisable for the lower margin to be higher than the upper margin, as this makes the page look less intimidating.

Any text that is published under your brands name needs to be written to a high standard. If your content is jumpy, incoherent, or worst of all littered with sloppy spelling and grammar mistakes, then you compromise your brands message and credibility.

Of course, when you are working with longer-form text, such as an Ebook, its a lot easier to make mistakes and lose sight of the overall picture. This is why you should secure the services of a professional editor or, at the very least, get trusted colleagues or friends to go over the text with a fine-tooth comb.

Your editor should read your Ebook closely and provide you with guidance on how to improve your style, tone, flow, or structure. They may suggest that certain sections be removed or reworked, or even that you need to provide additional text. This step represents the most significant part of the editing process.

You should consider and implement the changes accordingly. You may disagree with some of the suggestions, but always bear in mind that just because something sounds good or simple to you, this might not be the case for others.

After re-submitting your draft, your editor will then focus on the nitty-gritty of the text, such as spelling, grammar, word usage, and any other small errors. Most Ebooks go through several rounds of copy editing, but you can speed up the process by using a copy editing tool such as Grammarly.

One of the most popular Ebook formats is the simple PDF, as it is quick and easy to create and can be read on pretty much any device. As a result, it is the go-to choice among most B2B marketers, with users able to download and read it directly from your website, or in an email.

However, PDFs are not reflowable, which means that they do not adapt their presentation to the output device. This isnt such a problem on a desktop, but for smaller-screen devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and ereaders, it can make your Ebook difficult to read.

Using the PDF format can also create potential issues if you are intending to sell your Ebook. As a file type, it only offers basic copy protection, while there are varying restrictions in place with most major online Ebook retailers:

If you are looking to sell your Ebook on Apple Books, then EPUB (electronic publication, or .epub) is a great option. It is supported on most devices, although it is important to note that it is not supported on Amazons Kindle.

EPUBs strength lies in its flexibility; it can support fixed layouts but, unlike PDFs, it can also support reflowable layouts, meaning that the text and images in your Ebook will automatically adapt to whichever size screen your readers are using. This is especially important if your Ebook is text-heavy.

AZW files are built upon the existing MOBI format (now no longer supported), but with additional DRM protection. The latest version of this format AZW3 supports HTML and CSS, meaning that you can get more creative with your fonts, styles, and layouts.

For example, if you want to monetize the Ebook, then its a good idea to publish externally. There are numerous large-scale Ebook publishers you can list with, including Amazons Kindle Store, Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Barnes & Noble.

Offering downloads on a certain section of your website is the easiest starting point. Not only is it logical, but it also creates potential organic value, as Ebooks generally provide broad insights and solutions to particular search audiences. By ranking for certain keywords or queries, you wont just attract potential leads, but also be able to position yourself as an authority within your niche or industry.

There are a few things you should bear in mind, though. If your Ebook is in PDF format, then there is a possibility that Google wont crawl it unless its in your sitemap, or the link leading to it is easily accessible. Even if this is the case, PDFs are also not mobile-friendly, which will affect your ranking.

Therefore, if you want to rank organically, its a good idea to create an additional HTML page and make your Ebook available as a gated download from this location. You may get fewer contacts this way, but you will have a much higher chance of ranking.

A landing page is a standalone page separate from the rest of your website, and generally acts as a base for visitors who have seen your marketing campaigns, either externally or via your internal communications channels (such as email or social media). There should be no other internal links on this page, and only one simple CTA: to download the Ebook.

In some cases, you can actually complete this stage before youve even started writing the Ebook. Provide some information about the topic, and then leave a CTA enabling people to subscribe in exchange for access once the final product is released.

Ultimately, you need to explore a variety of relevant avenues. This means getting people to engage with your social media, writing kickback emails, and building a quality landing page (as described above). You should also amplify these efforts by producing supporting blog posts, thereby generating as many avenues as possible through which your target market audience can discover your Ebook.

As mentioned above, being visible in the organic search results for your target keyword(s) is a strong starting point. Indeed, according to a study we conducted in September 2020, organic search is the most effective channel for attracting traffic (70%), with the number of visitors being the main metric used to assess the effectiveness of content at the ToFu level.

Social media is another effective channel for attracting traffic (60%), so aim to harness it. For example, you can pin your Ebook to your Twitter feed so that its the first Tweet your followers see. You can also enlist the services of influencers and engage directly with relevant communities.

You can cherry-pick the most relevant or exciting elements of your Ebook, and use them to create blog posts that provide a CTA or link to the full report. Of course, you dont want to give the whole game away; you still want to give your readers a reason to download the full Ebook. Instead, mention key headlines or statistics that grab the attention of your readers and make them want to delve further into the details.

Email marketing is another effective way to drive traffic. You can send a series of short segmented emails to your relevant contacts, briefly highlighting how your Ebook can help solve a particular issue or problem that may be affecting their organization. Just make sure you include a link to your landing page!

If you have the budget, then you can also utilize paid advertising campaigns, either through Google search or display campaigns or on social media. However, you need to consider if this approach will be cost-effective and if it will align with the goals behind the creation of your Ebook.

What happens if you have an Ebook idea, but need help with writing? Many people hire ghostwriters to draft Ebook content. Some opt to provide their professional expertise and then have a ghostwriter properly shape the content; others have an idea and want a professional writing service to bring it to life from start to finish.

The Semrush Content Marketplace Ebook writing service can bring your Ebook content to life through industry-expert writers. You can order Ebook writing in three easy steps and get an exceptional Ebook in 14 days. Working with a professional writing service allows you to monetize your Ebook idea while leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals.

pulp screening | vibrating screen | pressure screen

pulp screening | vibrating screen | pressure screen

The purpose of pulp screening is to remove the impurities to meet quality and normal production needs. Fibrous impurities include: wood chips, green sheets, grass joints, crude fiber bundles, and non-fibrous cells. Non-fibrous impurities include: sand, iron filings, crushed stone, cinder, and the like. The pulp screening requirements are high efficiency of screening and purification, less loss of tail slag, simple equipment flow, convenient operation and maintenance, and low power consumption.

The basic principle of screening is to use the static or dynamic pressure difference inside and outside the screen to separate according to the geometry of the impurities. The prerequisites and necessary conditions for screening: the pulp shall be fully diluted to make it free; the fiber layer is formed and destroyed (vibration or pulse)

Frame vibrating flat screen is the screening equipment that destroys the fiber layer formed on the screen plate through the vibration. And the fiber passes through the screen slots continuously. Screening is that the fiber forms on the plate and interfered by the vibration continuously. After the pulp is digested, the knots, green sheets, wood strips, and crude impurities such as sand and stone chips entrained with raw materials are removed in order to protect the equipment in the next step. This series of equipments have the advantages of high knotting capacity, low power consumption and small occupied area. It is one of the ideal screening equipment for coarse pulp.

Pressure screen adopts the upward flow structure design of the bottom feeding, the bottom discharge of heavy slag and the top discharge of light slag. The light impurities and the air in the pulp rise to the top for slag discharge naturally, and the heavy impurities can fall down to the bottom as soon as they enter the equipment.

The working principle of the pressure screen is that the pulp enters a certain pressure screen in a tangential direction with a certain pressure. At each moment between the rotor and the drum, a positive pressure zone is formed in the front part of the rotor, a balance zone in the middle part, a negative pressure zone in the tail part, and a screen drum in the negative pressure zone. The outer good pulp is washed back and plays the role of self-cleaning to keep the screen slot unblocked. When the pulp leaves the wing tail, the negative pressure disappears, and the good pulp is driven by another rotor to flow out again, starting the next cycle. The slag falls into the lower part and is discharged through slag valve.

Pressure screen is divided into an inner flow screen and an outer flow screen according to different directions of pulp in the screen. According to the shape of the drum, it can be divided into round screen and slot screen. The slot screen can be further divided into smooth slot flat screen and slot wave screen. Nowadays, the slot wave screen is widely used.

Pulp screening is an essential working process in the high-value pulp production. Pulping producers have gotten increasingly reliable for pulp screening because of its efficiency, reliability and cost.

Pulp is a lignocellulosic fibrous material prepared by chemically or mechanically separating cellulose fibres from wood, fiber crops, waste paper, or rags. Many kinds of paper are made from wood with nothing else mixed into them. This includes newspapers, magazines and even toilet paper. Pulp is one of the most abundant raw materials.

A pulp mill is a manufacturing facility that converts wood chips or other plant fibre source into a thick fibre board which can be shipped to a paper mill for further processing. Pulp can be manufactured using mechanical, semi-chemical or fully chemical methods (kraft and sulfite processes). The finished product may be either bleached or non-bleached, depending on the customer requirements.

A paper machine (or paper-making machine) is an industrial machine which is used in the pulp and paper industry to create paper in large quantities at high speed. Modern paper-making machines are based on the principles of the Fourdrinier Machine, which uses a moving woven mesh to create a continuous paper web by filtering out the fibres held in a paper stock and producing a continuously moving wet mat of fibre. This is dried in the machine to produce a strong paper web.

The pulp produced up to this point in the process can be bleached to produce a white paper product. The chemicals used to bleach pulp have been a source of environmental concern, and recently the pulp industry has been using alternatives to chlorine, such as chlorine dioxide, oxygen, ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

Chemical pulp is produced by combining wood chips and chemicals in large vessels called digesters. There, heat and chemicals break down lignin, which binds cellulose fibres together, without seriously degrading the cellulose fibres. Chemical pulp is used for materials that need to be stronger or combined with mechanical pulps to give a product different characteristics. The kraft process is the dominant chemical pulping method, with the sulfite process second. Historically soda pulping was the first successful chemical pulping method.

vibrating screen and vibrating screen exciter manufacturer | hiside

vibrating screen and vibrating screen exciter manufacturer | hiside


Haiside vibrating screen adopts advanced design concepts and is equipped with advanced numerical control processing technology and testing equipment to ensure the quality and performance of the product and the safety of the vibrating screen.

The vibrating screen exciter is mainly used to realize the conveying, screening, compacting, forming, and tamping of soil sand and gravel of materials or objects. Mainly divided into HE (FE) NE, DF, ZDQ, RDQ, JR, KWD, DVE and other product series.

Haiside Coal Centrifuge adopts advanced design required by the coal industry. The main components are selected from internationally renowned brands, and the equipment has a long service life. At the same time, we provide professional technical support.


The Haiside vibrating screen has a complete range of models, mainly including single and double horizontal screens, curved vibrating screens, rubber vibrating screens, high-frequency dehydration vibrating screens, linear vibrating screens, etc

Before leaving the factory, the equipment must undergo an 8-hour idling test run. The coordinate method is used to verify the safety. At the same time, a frequency analyzer is used for testing to ensure the efficiency and safety of the equipment.

Haiside is a professional vibrating screen manufacturer. Haiside is equipped with sophisticated processing and testing equipment, and equipped with a solid-liquid separation laboratory, which can complete the entire equipment development process from product research and development, design, manufacturing, and factory experiments.

Haiside main products include various series of vibration exciters, serpentine spring couplings, centrifuges for clean coal and slime, and vertical disc vacuum filters for desulfurization gypsum dehydration.

Honesty is the road to prosperity for an enterprise. Employees are loyal to the company and the company wins the trust of customers. Take up social responsibilities with integrity and build a win-win bridge with integrity.

Owning customers will own the future of the company, and customers will always be the God of the company. Turning customers ideals and pursuits into reality is the greatest satisfaction of an enterprise.

Banana vibrating screen is a new type of vibrating screen applied to the screening and processing of large quantities of materials. It introduces its theoretical characteristics, development process, high efficiency and application effect in coal preparation plants. It is an ideal alternative to traditional inclined horizontal screens. , Is the development direction of vibrating screen []

Vibrating screen is an important screening equipment in mining equipment. After the material is screened by the vibrating screen, the specifications are clearer and the quality is higher, so its work efficiency affects the benefit of the entire production line. Therefore, it is also very important to choose a suitable vibrating machine, but some novice []

The linear vibrating screen gets its name because the materials motion trajectory is straight. It uses the exciting force as the source of vibration to throw up the material on the screen while the material moves forward in a straight line. After the material passes through the screen, the material is separated from the inlet. []

Coal centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or each component in a mixture of liquid and liquid. It is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid; or to separate the two incompatible liquid substances in the emulsion with different densities; it []

home - ebooks - library guides at university of melbourne

home - ebooks - library guides at university of melbourne

This guide is a starting point for becoming familiar with the eBook collections and platforms available through the University of Melbourne Library catalogue,Discoveryand Databases, as well as free eBooks on the Web.

Tip:Using the Library Catalogue to search for eBooks will ensure you have easy access to full-text through your University of Melbourne login. Alternatives such as visiting a publishers website or searching an eBook platform directly will not give you access to the full-text of a book.

The Libraryhas well over half a million eBooks which you can access anywhere you have an internet connection. Use the listsbelow to jumpstart your search for eBook titlesrecommended for your subject area.

SpringerLink contains journals, books, series, protocols and reference works all aimed at supporting the research and academic community across all disciplines. The Palgrave Connect ebook collections were integrated into the Springer eBook collections during 2016.

Knovel offers an unmatched depth and breadth of validated engineering content, selected from the most trusted sources and delivered to engineers quickly and with extreme precision. Knovel's comprehensive content collection includes material properties, process and design information, best practices, equations and formulations for specific industries and engineering disciplines. Knovels content includes over 4,000 leading reference works and databases from more than 100 leading technical publishers and professional societies including AIAA, AIChE, ASHRAE, ASM, ASME, DIPPR and NACE.

CAB eBooks provides a unique opportunity to access CABIs prestigious titles in an easy-to-use format. Books are indexed and retrievable as chapters, ensuring that a search of available titles will render the most relevant results. CABI publish ebooks in Agriculture, Animal and veterinary sciences, Environmental sciences, Human health food and nutrition, Leisure and tourism, and Plant sciences.

O'Reilly Safari Books Online features a curated library of over 30,000 technical books - including titles from Pearson, OReilly Media, and more - organized by the most popular subjects, from web development and mobile apps to entrepreneurship and UX/IA. The database also contains over 4,000 videos, as well as interactive tutorials, case studies, learning paths and audio books.

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worldwide vibrating screen industry to 2026 - by manufacturers, regions, technology, application and product type

worldwide vibrating screen industry to 2026 - by manufacturers, regions, technology, application and product type

DUBLIN, Jun 16, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Vibrating Screen Global Market Insights 2021, Analysis and Forecast to 2026, by Manufacturers, Regions, Technology, Application, Product Type" report has been added to's offering.

ResearchAndMarkets.comLaura Wood, Senior Press [email protected] For E.S.T Office Hours Call 1-917-300-0470For U.S./CAN Toll Free Call 1-800-526-8630For GMT Office Hours Call +353-1-416-8900

Shares of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock slipped 2.5% in morning trading on the NASDAQ Wednesday, apparently hurt by a pair of bad news items -- and a Barron's report -- just the day before. As Barron's reports, "safety appears to be the main reason" Tesla stock is struggling this week, as investors worry over news that one Tesla investor's new Model S Plaid electric car burst into flames last week -- while a separate family has launched a wrongful death suit against the company, blaming the performance of its "Autopilot" driver-assistance software. Regarding the Plaid fire, The New York Post reported late last week that "a brand-new Tesla Model S Plaid ... burst into flames in Pennsylvania" Tuesday in "a harrowing unexplained inferno."

Jeff Schuster, LMC Automotive President of Americas Operations and Global Vehicle Forecasts, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the impacts of the semiconductor shortage and Toyotas beat over General Motors.

(Bloomberg) -- Indias software-as-a-service industry could reach $1 trillion in value and create nearly half million new jobs by 2030 as businesses around the world accelerate digitization and automation, according to a new study.There are more than a thousand funded startups and 10 unicorns in the countrys SaaS sector, generating as much as $3 billion in annual subscription revenues, according to a report released on Wednesday by SaaSBoomi, a community of industry founders and builders, along

Oil futures end lower Wednesday, under pressure after a news report indicates the United Arab Emirates is eager to grow market share as a standoff continues between it and fellow OPEC members over a proposed output rise.

As electric vehicles (EV) chomp up more market share in the auto industry, two companies lead the charge. Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) and Nio (NIO) are both exclusively EV producers, so they can focus solely on their technology and business models. Both are vertically integrated, which minimizes dependency on global supply chains. Finally, sales at both companies have swelled well over 100% year-over-year. (See Tesla stock chart and Nio stock chart on TipRanks) Reporting on the companies' successes and f

Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani's $10 billion entry into renewable energy could drive solar tariffs further to the ground and ignite bidding wars with fellow billionaire Gautam Adani, industry analysts say. India's two richest men are vying to be at the forefront of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambition to ramp up green energy capacity in the world's second-most populous country more than four-fold to 450 gigawatts (GW) by 2030. They have mostly avoided operating in each other's space and the renewable energy push by Ambani's flagship Reliance Industries and the Adani group of companies will be the highest profile faceoff between them.

(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. sees limited domestic oil production growth through next year despite rising oil prices and rebounding demand.Oil explorers will produce 20,000 barrels a day more than previously forecast for this year, at 11.1 million barrels, the Energy Information Administration said in a report Wednesday. Output next year was raised 60,000 barrels day to 11.9 million, making it the first upward revision since March. At the same time the agency boosted its price forecast for West Texas

The Biden administration plans to issue a new rule to protect the rights of farmers who raise cows, chickens and hogs against the countrys largest meat processors as part of a plan to encourage more competition in the agriculture sector.

As oil prices hit their highest highs earlier this morning, shares of Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) stock -- a maker of hydrogen fuel cells that act as an alternative, renewable power source to oil -- initially jumped along with oil futures, rising as much as 3.5%. Later in the day, however, worries began to emerge on the oil market, and those worries spread to Plug Power. Here's the problem in a nutshell: Over the past month, oil prices have surged from under $70 a barrel and appeared to be making a run in the direction of $80 as feuding among the OPEC+ members over when to increase oil production, and by how much, created the prospect that production would not increase as much as expected, resulting in even higher oil prices in the future.

(Bloomberg) -- Sugar refineries waiting for sky-high shipping rates to ease before locking in purchases may find that supplies tighten by year-end as mills in top producer Brazil send more cane to make ethanol, according to BP Bunge Bioenergia.The priciest sea freight in at least a decade is squeezing the global sweetener trade as refineries hold off on buying raw sugar that they process. The slowdown is reflected in 60% less volume to be loaded at Brazils ports than last year.Some millers in t

The pandemic has seriously strained relationships in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the powerful cartel that controls most of the global oil market. Since early 2020, the group has tried to minimize damage to its members economies from a collapse in oil demand by instituting steep cuts in production, in an effort to keep the per-barrel price afloat. Until recently, the plan mostly worked: Oil was valuable enough to make drilling profitable, but not quite valuable enough to benefit OPECs nemesis, the US, where production costs are higher, and gasoline prices are rising.

It's a grand old name in fast cars... with a sometimes checkered history. Now Lotus is thinking big about the future. On Tuesday (July 6) the British firm unveiled its last petrol-engined model. The Emira is a sports car in the Lotus tradition, that will soon go on sale priced from 60,000, or about $83,000.It's hoped the new car will treble the firm's modest output of about 1,500 vehicles a year. But what comes next is more important. Earlier, Lotus Managing Director Matt Windle spoke to Reuters: "After Emira will follow the first of the lifestyle cars. So we've said that the lifestyle cars will be produced in China. They will be global cars as well. So they will give us that increase in volume that we need to give us the revenue to reinvest in other sports cars."China's Geely bought a controlling stake in Lotus in 2017. That ended years of financial struggles under various owners. Together with other shareholders, it's plowing $2 billion into expanded production facilities. Geely aims to transform Lotus into a far bigger company, making high-end sedans and SUVs too - what Windle calls the 'lifestyle' vehicles. "It's a challenge and it's going away from what we've been used to historically, but then I would kind of argue the business case hasn't worked historically either. So we recognize that we need to increase our revenues through vehicle manufacture. The amount you can do with sports cars because of the segment of the market they're in is limited."Porsche is perhaps the model. The German giant is known for its sports cars, but actually sells many more SUVs. Geely hopes Lotus will soon be moving fast in the same direction.

Maple Leaf Foods, Inc., (TSX: MFI), a leading North American producer of high-quality, sustainable meat and plant-based proteins, today announced the release of its 2020 Sustainability Report, highlighting the company's key initiatives, milestones and accomplishments in 2020 on its journey to become the most sustainable protein company on earth.

vibrating screen manufacturers and suppliers company

vibrating screen manufacturers and suppliers company

KINGSONS vibrating screen, with a circular motion, is a two bearing free floating vibrating screen which proficiently screens all moderately free-flowing material. The circular throw action is delivered from uneven weights which are attached to the ends of the screening surfaces and ensure that the material travels over the screening surfaces at a constant rate. The amplitude or degree of vibration can be acclimated to fit a difference in obligation by adding a subtracting balance weight plate. The circular motion ensures rapid strait. The yield of the screen relies upon screen tendency; taking care of technique, screen RPM and vibration.We undertake all ranges of vibrating screens as per the capacity of plant and choices of the clients.

Key Features: Sharp sized end products with higher capacity and lower costs. New technology equipped with two bearings and grease lubrication. Frames are of rugged construction with torsionally rigid tubular cross members. Perfect circle throw can be adjusted by adding or removing counterweights, discharging bulky goods, gravel, sand, coal ores and coke from hoppers.

rotary vibrating screen,tumbler screen,linear vibrating screen,square gyratory screen,screw conveyor,vacuum conveyor

rotary vibrating screen,tumbler screen,linear vibrating screen,square gyratory screen,screw conveyor,vacuum conveyor

Our Factory Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a international manufacturing factory with research and development, design, production and sales services, it is committed to providing customers with reasonable and efficient screening, conveying and crushing equipment design solutions.The company have more than 100 employers,...

Address: Room 1601, Xinghai Center, the Intersection of Xinzhong Avenue and Renmin East Road, Hongqi District, Xinxiang City, Henan Mobile:0086- Fax: 0086- E-mail: [emailprotected] Tel:0086-

vibrating screens

vibrating screens

Distributor of nail sets, socket sets, tool sets, nut setters, vibrating screens & screeners. Also distributor of industrial products & equipment such as abrasives, cutting tools, machinery, precision tools, fluids & lubes, safety products, material handling equipment, shop supplies, tool holding & tool working components. Also repairing & rebuilding services for all makes & models of pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, gasoline & battery operated tools, pumps & equipment.

Distributor of vibratory screens. Products include volumetric vibratory, gravity flow vibratory and air powered vibratory screeners. Concrete, cement, precast, prestressed, stone, sand, gravel, feed, grain, chemical, textile, pulp and paper, fertilizer and food industries served.

Distributor of vibrating screens with components. Available with regulators, air valves, breather vents, socket-head caps and vibrators. Various other products available include nozzles, holders, cabinets, guns, beads, cleaners and tumbling media.

Manufacturer of vibrating or shaking screens. Types include powder, wet and portable screens. Powder and wet screens are available in 24 to 60 in. dia. Capabilities include bagging, blending, delumping, dry filling, separating, testing and ultrasonic sealing. Secondary services such as bar coding, distribution, drop shipping, labeling, rework/redesign, screen printing and supply chain management offered. Serves the aerospace, agricultural, chemical, dental, laboratory, marine, military, robotics, semiconductor, wastewater, textile, nuclear and mining industries.

Manufacturer of woven wire cloth & welded wire cloth for vibrating screen. A broad range of wire cloth items in 36 in., 48 in. & 60 in. wide materials in 100 in. rolls is available for screens. Meshes are available in diameters ranging from 0.00085 in. to 0.250 in. Width of wire mesh opening ranges from 0.0010 in. to 0.937 in.

Manufacturer of dry vibrating screens. Available up to 11 m length and 0.9 to 4.8 m width. Provided in horizontal, multi-slope and inclined versions coupled with single, double and triple deck configurations. Suitable for use in various applications such as scalping, sizing, recycling, carbon recovery, secondary and tertiary crushing.

Custom fabricator of revolving, gyratory and vibrating screens. Wire cloth construction include lap and butt seam, perforated metal back-up, tinner's lap, cone, U binder, gasketing, multi-layer, envelope fold, truncated cone, formed or drawn and machined or stamped. Sieves and strainers are also available. Applications include aerospace, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, automotive and medical. QS 9000 compliant.

Custom manufacturer of vibrating screens made from tinned, annealed & stainless steel. Specifications of vibrating screens include two to sixty mesh count/in., 0.0065 in. to 0.054 in. mesh diameter, 0.102 in. to 0.4460 in. mesh opening & 37.5 percent to 79.6 percent open area. Vibrating screens are suitable for food processing applications including flour milling, sifting, seed & feed sifting.

Distributor of material handling products including screens such as wire screens & vibrating screens. Services include lightweight belt fabrication, heavyweight belt fabrication, reducer assembly & repair, hydraulic/pneumatic system design, project management, system integration & fabrication, storeroom survey, energy audit, data management & cleansing, inventory management, supply management, life cycle performance analysis, OEM conversion, product standardization, electric motor management, customer part numbering & bar coding, predictive & preventative maintenance & safety, maintenance & quality training services. JIT delivery available.

Manufacturer & distributor of gyratory screens including vibrating & shaking screens. Features include accurate separation, automatic screen tightening & V-belt drive. Specifications include inlet dia. from 6 in. to 16 in., power from 1 hp to 10 hp, number of screens from 1 to 4, size from 2 in. x 4 in. to 6 in. x 14 in. & weight from 1200 lbs. to 10000 lbs.

Distributor of mixing & dispersing blades, grinding & polishing medias, & equipment including grinding & mixing filtering, sieving & classifying, environmental, filling & pumping. Mixing & dispersing blades are available in a wide variety & materials include stainless steel, various hard coated polymers & other alloys. Decorative glass & beads. Types of grinding & polishing medias include polystyrene, polyamid, PMMA, polycarbonate, polyurethane, sand, soda lime glass, low alkali glass, flint pebbles, steatite, mullite, alumina toughened, satellites, cylinders, naturals & beeds, soda lime & low alkali glass, steel shots, wires, spheres, & beads. Various types of grinding & polishing medias are available for particle size reduction, de-agglomeration, & de-burring applications. Abrasion resistant parts can be custom made from materials including polymers, ceramics, & metals or combinations. Technical assistance is available for selection of products based on application.

Used Equipment Broker, Plant Liquidator, AMEA Certified Appraiser, Joint Ventures; Specializing In Chemical, Plastic, Rubber & Related Processing Machinery & Equipment. Agitators, Autoclaves, Blenders, Boilers, Hot Oil Heaters, Centrifuges, Compressors, Blowers, Classifiers, Dispersers, Dissolvers, Dryers, Evaporators, Extruders, Flakers, Filter Presses, Filter Pressure Leaf, Homogenizers, Heat Exchangers, Condensers Kettles, Laboratory Testing Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Ball & Pebble Mills, Paint & Ink Mills, Pulverizers, Mixers, Ovens, Packaging Plastic Granulators, Hydraulic Presses, Pumps, Reactors, Screens, Tanks, Vacuum Pumps, Versators & Other Misc. Equipment

Manufacturer and supplier of vibratory machines for inducing bulk solid materials to flow vertically or convey. Induced conveying machine include conveyors, feeders, screens, vibratory fluidized beds, spiral elevators, foundry mold shakeouts and attrition mills & sand reclaimers. Machine features include dynamically counterbalanced with little vibration transmission and no need for extra foundation supports. Induced vertical flow machines include bin activators, activated bins, screw feeders, storage pile dischargers, railcar discharger, densifiers and bulk bag unloaders and container activators.

Custom manufacturer of vibratory screens. Types include two mass, direct drive, grizzly, finger, sand & fine screens. Industries served include foundry, food, pharmaceutical, waste recycling, wood, chemical & mining.

Stocking distributor of single & three deck vibrating screens including shaking screens. Available in 24 in. & 48 in. sizes with 1/3 hp & 2.5 hp motor & 1,120 rpm speed. Presses, piston extruders, mixers, blenders, attritors, jars, ball, paint, pebble & vibratory type mills, crushers, pulverizers, granulators, spray dryers/drying systems, furnaces, kilns, ovens & tanks are also available.

Manufacturer of standard & custom perforated vibrating screens. Capabilities include finishing & fabricating of screen materials including carbon steel, brass, galvanized steel, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, nickel silver, alloys & iron. Capabilities also include perforating of materials ranging from 0.008 in. foil-thin to 1 in. plate thickness, sheets up to 18 ft. L, coils & a variety of shapes in various hole shapes, sizes & arrangements including round, square, oblong, triangle, slot, hex, oval & diamond holes. Fabrication & finishing services include leveling, shearing, bar coding/labeling, packaging, degreasing, deburring, forming, blanking, painting/powder coating, welding, polishing, joining, bending & rolling.

Manufacturer of water backwash strainers. Includes non pressure devices that remove suspended solids from high flow water streams up to 4200 gpm, the continual lifting of solids from the screen, minimized potential plugging, large mesh size screens & smaller size filters. Also includes collection chambers, bottom-up sprays & splash guards. Specifications include 1/3 HP, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 460 V motors, stainless steel construction & cloth materials of stainless steel & polyester.

Manufacturer of vibrating screens including gyratory, hybrute, laboratory & ultrasonic screens. Vibrating screens can be air powered, electro magnetic & electro mechanical driven. Screens include standard controls such as quick acting valve, air line filter, pressure regulator gauge, lubricator & 5 ft. long air hose with pipe fittings. Screening capacity ranges from .0058 in. up to 4 in. Screens with gravity flow designs also available. Applications include metal working, mining, chemicals, food, foundry & pulp & paper applications.

Designs & Supplies Equipment To Handle Dry Bulk Materials. Products Include Bin Activators, Live Bottom Bins, Bulk Bag Unloaders & Fillers, Volumetric & Gravimetric Feeders, Vibratory Conveyors & Screens. A Full Test Facility Is Available

Custom manufacturer of perforated metal screens including sizing & vibrating screens for mining, oil refining & aggregate applications. Wide range of thicknesses, hole size patterns (round, square, hexagonal, slotted & decorative) & configurations available. Materials include steel, stainless, galvanized, galvannealed steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, as well as vinyl coated & pre-painted. Abrasion & corrosion resistant properties.

Manufacturer of standard & custom material separation & recovery / destruction systems including straining, sizing & vibrating screens. Designed for recovering precious metals from computers & telecommunications scrap, nylon from carpet, recyclables & mis-packaged consumer products such as breakfast cereals, cosmetics, milk & juice containers. Also available vibrating, rotary & magnetic screens. Services include preventive maintenance, ovehauling, technical support, mobile services, turnkey installation & training services.

Manufacturer Machy. For Rock, Gravel & Sand Processing. Jaw Crushers, 30"x 42", 24"x 36" & 10"x 36" Ranging From 17 To 520 TPH Capacity. Vibrating Grizzly Feeder, 46"x 16'. Fine Material Sandwasher, 36"x 25', Also Converts To Coarse Material Washer. 2-Deck Inline Screen, 4'x 10', For Portable Or Stationary Applications. For Aggregate, Recycling & Mining Operations

Custom manufacturer of vibrating screens ranging from 18 to 72 in. diameter. Screens available with different bonding options including spot welding and epoxies depending on intended applications. Other products include vibrating and center discharge separators and processing equipment. Capabilities include upgrade, repair, and machinery rebuilds. Pharmaceutical, food processing, and aircraft industries served.

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vibrating screen manufacturer, vibrating screen manufacturer in gujarat, india | matech equipments

vibrating screen manufacturer, vibrating screen manufacturer in gujarat, india | matech equipments

The Matech Circular Vibrating Screen is widely used for grading and screening materials in the fields of minerals, quarry, building materials, etc. Our vibrating screen has multi-layers and its screen size is various, it can screen out many kind of materials with different sizes.

The Heavy Duty vibrating screen (Circular motion) is widely used in metallurgy, mine, coal and construction industry. The eccentric vibration exciter is driven by a universal coupling or flexible coupling jointed motor which does not vibrate simultaneously. The vibration force is adjustable. The damping device is fabricated by rubber spring or composite spring. The screen plate can be disassembled

Application : metallurgical beneficiation grading operations, coal preparation of dry materials grading operations, building materials of dry materials grading operations, etc. 1. Matech-Heavy Duty vibrating screen trajectory is round, more conducive to material stratification and through the sieve. 2. Matech-Heavy Duty vibrating screen consists of sieve body, damping spring, excitation device, motor bracket, transmission belt, motor. 3. Matech-Heavy Duty vibrating screen adopts two motor driving two exciter, and through a toothed belt connecting the two axes to maintain synchronization, convenient disassembly and maintenance.

Advantages 1. Matech-Heavy Duty vibrating screen is our company for the coal industry developed large-scale screening equipment, with large processing capacity, high screening efficiency. 2. Sieve body assembly using the most advanced ring groove riveting, with strong and durable, not easy to plug holes and other characteristics. 3. By adjusting the eccentric blocks angle of vibrator, affecting the exciting force, and thus adjust the amplitude of the vibrating screen.

The linear vibrating screen is widely used in coal, metallurgy and mining industry to achieve the purpose of screening and classification of materials. The two motors in the linear vibrating screen rotate in a synchronous and reverse way to produce a joint force to move the screen linearly. Meanwhile, the feed stock in the screen surface is forced to leap forward in a straight way under the combinational forces of gravity and excitation force

Our company has a Good experience in producing vibrating equipment. It offers varieties of vibrating screens in the linear or circular motion which have wide applications in metallurgy, mining, construction and many other industries. The vibrating screen can operate at large vibration amplitude and low vibration frequency to obtain a small dynamic load. The motor of vibration screen does not participate in the vibration which would decrease the impact of vibration on the machine that can be further mitigated by the configuration of damping spring. The strict selection of screen plate, lining plate and side plate and the adoption of high-strength bolts make the vibrating screen highly durable with a long lifespan. A variety of the products, adopting a fully enclosed structure, can protect the environment from spatter pollution. In addition, it is easy to install and use with a low failure rate and high efficiency due to various choices of screen and motors. The customers are also allowed to customize their products by choosing appropriate type to obtain a high efficiency at low cost.

Banana Screens with different deck inclinations from steep to flat are used if fines content in feed is high. High material speed on feed end results in a low bed depth of material and therefore fines will be screened out very quickly. All usual in trade screen decks for dry and wet screening can be used. Dimensions up to 4,0 m width and 10,0 m length. Banana screens for high capacities and high efficiencies in a wide range of mining and process application

Super longer service life : Matech screens are designed for infinite fatigue life using advanced and mature methods of design and construction philosophy. Excellent corrosion protection and wear resistance are taken. All these measures ensure the super longer service life of Matech screens. Higher capacity & high screening efficiency : High G force & high open area deck panel which specially suit your materials property leads to high production capability & high screening efficiency. Lower power consumption /Lower running noise : Optimal design of screen construction leads to lower power consumption. Quiet exciter and modular deck panel and rubber spring will produce lower running noise. Lower Maintenance & satisfied After Sale Services : Matech screens do not need maintain except deck panels change and exciter lubrication within the warranty period.

Multi deck Sizer with 3 to 6 screen decks one above the other are high capacity screening systems. Up to 4 screening fractions in on shot. Dust tight and compact housing for high feed rates. Stationary discharge chutes with wear protection and Isolation Frame for reduction of dynamic forces are optional.

Crucial for the practical advantages of the Sizer technology is the fact that with slanted screen decks, it is not the mesh width of the screening surface but the projection of the apertures in the direction of the flight path of the screened particles that determines the cut-point. The particles do not form a material bed on the screening surface, but free-fall through the inclined screens. The coarser particles are skimmed off and discharged in the direction of screen inclination, while the finer particles fall almost unhindered through the screen mesh. The resulting increase in the probability of passage effects a higher through put rate and lowers proneness to screen pegging or clogging.

The variety of Maxit product grades can only be guaranteed if different defined recipes can be produced as required from a very large number of finished screen grades from different basic materials. This is possible if a sufficient number of grades can be stocked in silos after screening, discharged in an electronically controlled process and mixed continuously with each other in the required mixing ratio in accordance with the recipe. With conventional screen systems, the necessary availability of the numerous screened fractions would demand a large number of differently equipped screens or repeated refitting of the machines with suitable screening meshes. On account of the formation of material beds on the screening surfaces and the associated long residence times of the feed material in the machines, such a plant would be very bulky and very complex with regard to the machines needed. Conveying, metering and distributing equipment and the necessary support structure would represent a considerable additional cost factor. It was therefore necessary to design a screening system that consists of a single screen despite the large number of product grades to be cut. For this task, the Mogensen Sizer is particularly suitable. In the application described here, the client required four cuts in the size range from 0.56 mm for three different sands in the size range 01 mm (fine), 010 mm (medium) and 012 mm (coarse). In addition, protective screening at 12 mm was specified. For all feed materials, a screening rate of at least 80 t/h was expected. Mogensen installation The screen is arranged as usual above the silo in the mixing tower. The feed material is lifted by means of a bucket elevator from the bottom level to below the roof of the mixing tower and transferred to a Mogensen vibrating conveyor, which conveys the material horizontally to the intake of the Mogensen transverse spreader feeder

A screening section with a 12-mm mesh width for the removal of extraneous matter and agglomerates is integrated in the feeder trough, which is arranged at a right angle to the direction of feed transport on the screen, above the intake pipes PASC

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