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problems and solutions of vibrating screen in south africa - lzzg

problems and solutions of vibrating screen in south africa - lzzg

As one of the screening equipment in South Africa, the vibrating screen mainly relies on its vibration characteristics to complete the classification, dewatering, and desliming operations and is widely used in the screening operations of the concentrator. In production practice, due to the complex working environment of the vibrating screen, continuous work for a long time, and heavy load, the vibrating screen is inevitably damaged or even malfunctions. To ensure the screening operation of the concentrator, we need to carry out daily maintenance and repair of the vibrating screen and take emergency measures in the event of a failure. The following introduces some common problems and solutions when the vibrating screen is in operation.

The vibrating screens mainly include linear vibrating screens, high-frequency vibrating screens, and circular vibrating screens. Different types of equipment have different reasons for bad screening results. For circular vibrating screens, insufficient screen surface inclination is one of the main reasons for poor screening results. For linear vibrating screens and high-frequency vibrating screens, the poor screening effect may be related to the direction of movement of the eccentric block. If the two sets of eccentric blocks are not in the same phase, the direction of the exciting force cannot overlap with the direction of vibration, and the effect of efficient screening cannot be achieved.

To solve the problemit is necessary to raise the rear support seat. In practical applications, the inclination angle of the screen surface can be maintained at 20, and the inclination angle of the general circular vibrating screen is often set at 16~20. If the inclination angle is less than 16, it will cause problems such as rolling up of the material or bad material removal on the screen. If the screening effect of the linear vibrating screen and the high-frequency vibrating screen is not satisfactory, the operator needs to check whether the phases of the two sets of eccentric blocks are level, and adjust them in time.

In the working process, the screen frame of the vibrating screen is constantly shaking, which is easy to cause bending fatigue, and local deformation or even cracking of the screen frame, side plate. If the screen frame is broken, the reasons may be as follows.

2. The damping spring fails. After the spring is used for a long time, the spring will be permanently deformed due to the aging of the rubber or the long-term force, which will cause the spring to fail.

3. The eccentric wheel of the exciter is severely worn and the quality deviates. During operation, the vibration force is dispersed and reflected on the screen body of the vibrating screen, causing the amplitude of each part to be inconsistent, causing the vibrating screen connection part to vibrate or the connection part weld to crack.

Properly thickening the screen is the most effective way to solve the problem of the too-thin screen. Or add additional plates to the side plates near the exciter to enhance the rigidity of the entire screen body. In this way, the screen frame is not easy to tremble and break. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the wear of the shock absorber spring and the eccentric wheel of the exciter to prevent spring failure and quality deviation.

3. Clay accumulation. The vibration amplitude of the mound is too small to effectively overcome the viscous force of the clay, which causes the clay to quickly accumulate on the screen and damage the screen.

The technical level and quality of the screening equipment in South Africa directly affect the production efficiency of the equipment and the economic benefits of the concentrator. Therefore, it is necessary to master some common vibrating screen problem diagnosis and solution methods in production practice.



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