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pellet mill popular in uk from gemco - buy high quality pellet mill uk

pellet mill popular in uk from gemco - buy high quality pellet mill uk

UK has various kinds of biomasses like wood, straw, bamboo, grass, etc. At the beginning of 2000, there were small pellet plants to starting to make biomass pellets using waste dust and shavings. Biomass pellets are usually used in local authority, public administration buildings, and others. Then, commercial and industry biomass pellet plant projects grows.

UK belongs to the first batch country that started to use biomass pellet mill to produce biomass pellets from various agriculture or industrial waste. There are many biomass pellet mill manufacturers in UK. Pellet Mill UK is usually of high quality and high efficiency, but its price is relatively high. Now, with the fast development of internet and convenient transportation among different nations, it has become a tendency for UK people to buy biomass pelletizer from other countries at relatively low price.

There are also many biomass pellet mill manufacturers outside UK, among which GEMCO is a representative who is reputable for its high quality and favorable price equipment. GEMCO began its pellet mill manufacturing business in 2000. GEMCO Pellet Mill is hot sale both domestically and internationally, especially in UK.

We provide different models of pellet press machine to meet different pellet making needs, including flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. They are both suitable to setup small scale and large scale pellet mill plant. If you want to know the difference between them, please just contact us directly. We will offer customized plan, together with equipment parameters and price list for your reference!

Now GEMCO is listed in BiomassMagazine.com, a famous biomass energy online directory in UK. Besides, GEMCO pellet mills have good quality but much lower price than those made in UK. So a large proportion of people would like to choose biomass pellet making machine from GEMCO to make pellets at home or setup complete pellet production line for commercial purpose.

Nowadays, In UK, homes, farms, central heating, industrial boiler and power plants take biomass pellets as energy resource. They even have introduced some regulations to strictly control the quality of biomass pellets produced by pellet mill plants.

GEMCO has built many biomass pellet plant projects around the world, like Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Italy, UK, Bulgaria, Chile, Russia, Morocco, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Latvia, etc. Recently, a 1T/H complete pellet mill plant was successfully set up in UK.

To successfully setup complete biomass pellet mill project in UK, there are a lot of things should take in consideration, like the factory layout, investment capitals, equipment selection, project installation, labor training, transportation and more. No matter what capacity of the biomass pellet plant, it is better to have full considerations before actually start it. In addition, a reliable manufacturer or supplier can determine the success of the project to a large extent. GEMCO has gained rice experiences in overseas installation and commissioning, our customers all totally trust us on equipment selection, layout design, equipment installation and commissioning. Please contact us to get the latest cost to set up a complete pellet production line in UK!

Pellet Mill Popular in UK from GEMCO - Buy High Quality Pellet Mill UK: Hot Sale Pellet Mill for Sale UK Offered by Biomass Pelletizer Manufacturer or Supplier, Guide on Process of Wood Pellet Production and How to Start Biomass Wood Pellet Making Business with Limited Cost in UK, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.

More and more people are investing in the biomass pellet industry in the UK. The reason is they are working on the climate change policy made by their government. The Climate Change Act of 2008 said that the UK must decrease its carbon dioxide gas emission by 80% by the year 2050.

A committee was made to investigate the progress of the biomass pellet industry in the UK. No doubt, the production of biomass pellets has increased a lot in the UK as compared to the past years. But they still import most of the biomass pellets that they consume. The UK needs to invest more in this industry so that they become able to meet their needs on their own. If you are interested in buying wood pellet machine UK, please contact us directly!

uk wood pellet market-prospective and changeable

uk wood pellet market-prospective and changeable

According to the Wood Resource Quarterly, the United Kingdom has became one of the largest importer of wood pellets in the world in a very short time. Through Wood pellets market started in the UK in the late 1990s, it has a rapid development in recent 30 years. Both the consumption and production of wood pellet in the UK market have been increasing in the latest few years.

There was no wood pellet plants in the UK market until 2002, when the first wood pellet production was produced by the Wales Bio-Fuel Centre Welsh Biofuels Ltd. While the development of wood pellet production was really began in 2005, the commissioning of the pelletizing plant with a production capacity of 55,000 tons. Then in 2008, several new wood pellet plants were established and the wood pellet production increased. While in 2009, according to the estimation, the wood pellet production capacity in UK were amount to 218,000 tons. Then in the latest couple years, wood pellet production became very hot for the financial support policies on biomass. In 2012, the UK government announced, as part of its review on financial supports for the renewable energy that it wood continue to offer generous subsidies to bio energy. In addition, the United Kingdom Government has a target to provide 15% renewable energy by 2020 and wood pellet, as the most common kind of renewable energy, especially benefiting from the target.

Wood Pellet Application in UK At the same time, wood pellet consumption has been also increasing in the past decades. Different from other countries which used wood pellets for residential heating, wood pellet productions in UK are mainly used as co-fired in the power stations for the production of electricity. While, part of wood pellet production are also consumed by individual households for space heating. Only the year in 2008, there were 538 pellet boilers been installed and in the following year 2009, about 750 to 1000 pellet boilers and 200 pellet stoves were installed. The increasing wood pellet consumption made it hard for the domestic wood pellet suppliers to meet the supply for lacking of wood pellet raw materials. So wood pellets are necessary imported from other counties. While for wood pellet prices in the UK wood pellet market, it has been risen in a stable way and in 2012 the average delivered wood pellet price is about 185/tonne to 190/tonne.

Materials Available in UK for Making Biomass Pellets Though wood waste and wood sawdust are the main raw materials of making wood pellets, some agriculture residues are also used for making wood pellets in the UK wood pellet market. And since lacking of raw materials of making wood pellets, the UK government now are planning for develop more biomass waste to make wood pellets. Our company is specialized in providing wood pellet making machines such as wood pellet mills, and raw materials like wood sawdust, wood chips, wheat straws and husks and other agriculture residues can be made into useful wood pellet by using our wood pellet machine.

professional guide to wood pellet production - wood pellet mill manufacturer

professional guide to wood pellet production - wood pellet mill manufacturer

Looking for a reliable wood pellet mill manufacturer? We supply portable pellet mill for home use, ring die pellet mill for industrial production and diesel engine pellet mill for areas lacking electricity.

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