world mining company

the worlds top 50 mining companies

the worlds top 50 mining companies

The largest 50 mining companies in the world based on market capitalization as compiled by are shown in the table below. According to their research these firms had a combined market value of $957 billion at the end of June, 2020. Precious metal companies were the winners so far this year as gold prices have especially soared.

Data Sources: MINING.COM, MiningIntelligence, Morningstar, GoogleFinance, company reports. Trading data from primary-listed exchange where applicable, currency cross-rates Jul 1 2020. *Percentage change based on US$ market cap difference, not exchange price in local currency.

top mining companies in the world - insider monkey

top mining companies in the world - insider monkey

In this article we will take a look at the top mining companies in the world. You can skip our detailed analysis of the mining industrys outlook for 2021 and some of the major growth catalysts for mining stocks and go directly to the Top 5 Mining Companies in the World.

The mining industry encompasses all the companies that are responsible for mining and exploring precious and non-precious metals, minerals, and energy commodities like coal and petroleum. Numerous industries in the world depend on the supply of such commodities. The mining industry has always been a major driving force behind the world economy. According to Statista, in the U.S., the mining industry added over 1% value to the national GDP in 2020. Moreover, in the same year, Asia Pacific remained the largest region in the global mining market, followed by North America, accounting for 71% and 9% of the global mining market share, respectively.

Australia, China, and the U.S. are the biggest contributors to the global mining industry. Some of the top mining companies are headquartered in these countries. In Australia, mining remains the largest sector. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) states that this sector was responsible for over 10% of the countrys GDP between 2019 and 2020. Moreover, mineral exploration rose by 2.5% to $718 million in 2020. Mining giants like BHP Group (NYSE: BHP) and Rio Tinto Group (NYSE: RIO) have headquarters in Australia. China and the U.S. are the biggest producers of gold worldwide. With companies like Zijin Mining and Hunan Gold Corporation, China produces over 13% of the worlds gold. On the other hand, data suggeststhat the United States was estimated to have some 3,000 metric tons of gold reserves in mines in 2020.

The Covid-19 also affected the mining industry where many countries ended up closing the mining operations. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Philippines banned vessels from entering Surigao del Norte, which resulted in a 30% loss of nickel production. However, the industry is set for a recovery. According to the Mining Global Market Report 2021, the global mining market is recovering from the pandemics effects and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.4% reaching $1,845 billion in 2021. This growth can be attributed to the use of renewable energy which is helping the top mining companies in the world reduce power costs and control emissions in the mines.

Technology has always played an important role in industrial mining. The use of dynamite instead of a pick and hammer to clear tunnels made the process faster and easier for the miners. Today, the use of artificial intelligence, 3D modeling techniques, drones, and automated equipment are the key drivers in this digital revolution. Numerous mining operations have collaborated with technology companies to invent solutions for deploying wireless networks underground. According to the Smart Mining Market Report, the global Smart Mining Market was valued at $8 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $24.2 billion by 2026. Canadian company Dundee Precious Metals is one of the very first mining companies to introduce wireless network technology into an underground mine.

The top mining companies in the world generate total revenue of over $692 billion and have assets worth $1,139 billion, according to Statista. Despite being affected by the pandemic, these companies continued to show growth in this period and contributed to the national GDP with annual revenues.

Based in Tampa, Florida, the Mosaic Company is one of the top mining companies in the world. The company mines phosphate and potash and is the largest producer of these two nutrients in the U.S. It owns potash mines or surface mills at various locations, including Colonsay, Carlsbad, Belle Plain, etc., and has approximately 10.4 million tonnes of operational potash capacity. The Mosaic Company (NYSE: MOS) was founded in 2004 through a merger of two companies.

Agnico Eagle is operating since 1957. This Canadian-based company is a gold producer with operations in Finland, Canada, and Mexico and exploration activities in each of these countries including the United States and Sweden. It saves its place as one of the top mining companies in the world because today its gold reserves stand at 21.6 million ounces along with 85,000 tonnes of copper. Agnico Eagle Mines Limited (NYSE: AEM) produced a record of 1,782,147 ounces of gold and 4.3 million ounces of silver in 2019.

Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB) is a fine chemical manufacturing company with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company operates in the lithium, bromine, and catalysts division, with lithium generating a major part of its revenue. It is also the largest provider of lithium for electric vehicle batteries. Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB) has its operations in many countries including the U.S., China, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, etc. It also specializes in antioxidants and blends which improve the storage life and stability of fuel and other lubricant products.

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (NYSE: WPM) is one of the largest metal streaming companies in the world with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (NYSE: WPM) has agreements with 23 operating mines to purchase precious metals and cobalt. It has sold over 29 million ounces of silver mined by other companies including Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE: GOLD) and Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM). In 2021, Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (NYSE: WPM) aims to produce over 370,000 to 400,000 ounces of gold.

Polyus one of the largest gold producers in Russia and is headquartered in Moscow. Globally, it is one of the top mining companies in the world, especially gold, with a total sales volume amounted to 829 koz. In 2020, the company has produced over 2,766 koz of gold. Polyus also holds the worlds largest gold reserves with 104 million ounces of proven gold reserves.

Franco-Nevada Corporation (NYSE: FNV) is another Canada-based company that owns royalties and streams in gold mining. The company does not operate mines like a typical mining company but owns a diversified portfolio of royalties and streams. In Q1 of 2021, Franco-Nevada Corporation (NYSE: FNV) managed to increase its revenue by 28% to $309 million, compared to the same period last year.

Nutrien Ltd. (NYSE: NTR) is a Canadian fertilizer company, basically dealing with the production of potash and nitrogen fertilizers. The company was founded in 2018 through the merger of two companies, PotashCorp and Agrium. Nutrien Ltd. (NYSE: NTR) has distributed over 25 million tonnes of potash, nitrogen, and phosphate products for agricultural and industrial customers globally. It has operations in 13 countries and has over 1,500 retail stores.

Zijin Mining is a Chinese company and is engaged in the exploration and mining of gold, copper, zinc, and other metal mineral resources. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Longyan, China. Zijin Mining has operations in over 12 countries and 14 provinces in the Peoples Republic of China. Moreover, it is one of the Chinese companies owning the largest metal resource volume. It is ranked as 398th largest public company on Forbes Global 2000. Like Nutrien Ltd. (NYSE: NTR), Franco-Nevada Corporation (NYSE: FNV), Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (NYSE: WPM) and Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB), Zijin is one of the top mining companies in the world.

Barrick Gold Corporation is next on our list of the top mining companies in the world. Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE: GOLD) is known for producing copper and gold. It has operations in nearly 13 countries, including Canada, Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, the United States, etc. Even during the pandemic, sales of Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE: GOLD) are going strong in Q1 of 2021. The company reported a 31% increase in revenue from copper mines due to higher copper prices. Its headquarters are in Toronto, Canada.

Fortescue Metals Group is an Australian iron ore company founded in 2003. The company is widely known for its innovative infrastructure and mining assets in Pilbara, Western Australia. 95% of its revenue comes from China, with sales of 8.4 mt in nine months, ended in March 2021. In 2020, the company made a total global economic contribution of $17.2 billion.

Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM) is the largest gold mining company in the world. It was founded in 1921 and has gold mines in Nevada, Colorado, Quebec, Mexico, Australia, Ghana, Peru, and Argentina. Along with gold, Newmont mines silver, copper, zinc, and lead. The company is also committed to tackling climate change. Recently, Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM) has invested $500 million to address climate change and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 30% by 2030. Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM) has headquarters in Denver and Colorado, U.S.

Shenhua Energy is one of the largest state-owned coal mining enterprises in mainland China. Its operations revolve around mining, refining, selling coal, and generating and selling electric power in the PRC. The company also works with logistics, including the integrated railway network and a seaport used to transport its coal. Shenhua Energy is also responsible for generating coal-based power to the regional and provincial electric companies through its power plants in the country. Like Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM), BHP Group (NYSE: BHP) and Rio Tinto Group (NYSE: RIO), Shenhua Energy is one of the top mining companies in the world.

Commonly known as Nornickel, this Russian company is the worlds largest producer of refined nickel and palladium. In addition, it also produces platinum, rhodium, copper, gold, silver, iridium, selenium, ruthenium, and tellurium. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Moscow. Its largest operations are located in NorilskTalnakharea near theYenisei River, in northern Russia. Like Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE: GOLD), BHP Group (NYSE: BHP) and Rio Tinto Group (NYSE: RIO), Norilsk is one of the top mining companies in the world.

Southern Copper Corporation (NYSE: SCCO) is next on our list of the biggest mining companies in the world. The company was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico. It is one of the largest integrated copper producers in the world and the major producer and refiner of molybdenum, zinc, lead, gold, and silver. The refining, smelting, and mining facilities are located in Peru and Mexico. SCCs revenue in 2020 has shown a prominent growth of 9.6% as compared to 2019. Like BHP Group (NYSE: BHP) and Rio Tinto Group (NYSE: RIO), SCCO is one of the top mining companies in the world.

Glencore is an Anglo-Swiss mining company with headquarters in Baar, Switzerland. It was initially focused on the marketing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and minerals when it was founded in 1974. The current Glencore company came into being in 2013 after its merger with Xstrata. It is the major producer of zinc, copper, aluminum, nickel, and cobalt and has operations in over 35 countries. Today, it is one of the largest diversified natural resource companies, producing and trading more than 90 commodities. Like Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB), BHP Group (NYSE: BHP) and Rio Tinto Group (NYSE: RIO), Glencore is one of the top mining companies in the world.

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the world's top 100 mining companies and revenues in 2019 | fote machinery

the world's top 100 mining companies and revenues in 2019 | fote machinery

Zijin Mining Group Company Limited is a Chinese gold, copper and non-ferrous metals producer. In December 2019, Reuters reported that Zijin had agreed to buy Canadian miner Continental Gold Inc. for C$1.3 billion. The company claimed that Continental's principal asset, the Buritica project, had gold reserves of 165.47 tons and an inferred reserve of 187.24 tons.READ MOREREAD LESS

Jiangxi Copper has grown into China's extra-large copper cathode producer and a supplier of copper products with great varieties. The company produces 340,000 tons of copper every year.READ MOREREAD LESS

Israel Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a multinational manufacturing company dedicated to the development, production and sale of fertilizers, metals and other special-purpose chemical products. ICL mainly serves three markets: agriculture, food and engineering materials. ICL produces about one-third of bromine, and is the sixth largest producer of potash fertilizer in the world.READ MOREREAD LESS

China Molybdenum Co., Ltd. is the largest producer of molybdenum in mainland China. It is one of the world's largest producers of tungsten The second largest producer of cobalt and niobium Also world's leading copper producer.READ MOREREAD LESS

Shandong Gold Mining is a China's state-owned gold mining company affiliated to the Shandong Provincial Government. In terms of output, the company is the second largest gold producer in China. Products: Gold/Nonferrous Metal.READ MOREREAD LESS

China North Rare Earth (Group) Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. produces rare earth products including: rare earth concentrates, rare earth metals, rare earth oxides, new rare earth materials and other products.READ MOREREAD LESS

NMDC Limited is a mineral producer controlled by the India government. It involves the exploration of iron ore, copper, phosphate, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, bentonite, magnesite, diamond, tin, tungsten, graphite, etc. It is India's largest iron ore producer and exporter.READ MOREREAD LESS

It has : 12 coal mines (9 in operation and 3 in development),13 coal preparation plants, 5 coking plants, 4 coal mine equipment manufacturing plants and 2 mine design institutes.READ MOREREAD LESS

Randgold Resources is a gold mining business mainly operates gold mining in Mali. It also provides the acquisition, development and exploration of gold and other precious metals in Africa.READ MOREREAD LESS

The world's largest producer of platinum, accounting for about 40% of the world's total output.It is also a major producer of diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ore, and metallurgy and thermal coal.READ MOREREAD LESS

Codelco is a state-owned copper mining company in Chile. It is currently the world's largest copper production company. It is also one of the largest molybdenum producers in the world.READ MOREREAD LESS

Vedanta Resources Limited is a globally diversified metals and mining company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the largest mining and non-ferrous metals company in India, and owns mining operations oil and gas operations in Australia and Zambia. Its main products: zinc, lead, silver, oil and gas, iron ore, steel, aluminum and electricity.READ MOREREAD LESS

Polyus PJSC(Russian: "") is a Russian gold mining company. It is the largest gold producer in Russia and one of the top ten gold mining companies in the world. The output of gold in 2019 was 2.84 million ounces.READ MOREREAD LESS

KGHM produces important global resources including copper, copper sulfate, gold, silver, nickel, nickel sulfate, molybdenum, rh, lead, sulfuric acid, selenium and platinum group metals.READ MOREREAD LESS

Gem Diamonds is a UK-based global diamond mining company. The company acquired the Leteng diamond mine in 2006 and has discovered 5 of the 20 largest known white gemstone-quality diamonds. Now it is the world's highest per-carat kimberlite diamond operator.READ MOREREAD LESS

It is a global gold mining company. It was established in 2004 by the merger of AngloGold and Ashanti Goldfields Corporation. The company mainly produces gold, silver and uranium oxide.READ MOREREAD LESS

It is the third largest gold mining company in South Africa. In FY2017, its South Africa operations accounted for 91% of the total gold production of 1.09Moz, of which 9% came from Papua New Guinea.READ MOREREAD LESS

South32 is a mining and metals company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. It was spun out of BHP Billiton on 25 May 2015. Its products: aluminium, coal, lead, manganese, nickel, silver, zin.READ MOREREAD LESS

Fortescue Metals Group, abbreviated as FMG is an Australian iron ore company. Fortescue is the fourth largest iron ore producer in the world after BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Vale.READ MOREREAD LESS

Gascoigne Resources Ltd. is a gold mining and exploration company. Until 2019, The Dalgaranga Gold Project's mineral resources contain 28.2Mt @ 0.9 g / t gold and 802,500 ounces of gold.READ MOREREAD LESS

Centamin plc is a gold mining company. It is reported that initial high-grade resource for Wharekirauponga Exploration Project in New Zealand Commenced Joint Venture with American Pacific Mining Corp.READ MOREREAD LESS

OceanaGold is a multinational, medium-scale gold mining company with extensive experience about>global operations, development and exploration. OceanaGold's operating assets are located in the Philippines, New Zealand and the United States.READ MOREREAD LESS

Initially focused on mineral exploration and production using assets located in Western Australia. In May 2019, Santa Barbara acquired Canadian Atlantic Gold Company for 722 million Canadian dollars (536 million US dollars) and added a mine in Canada.READ MOREREAD LESS

Evolution Mining Ltd is a gold exploration company operating in Western Australia. The company owns gold mines-Cracow, Edna May, Mt Rawdon and Pajingo-and Mt Carlton development projects.READ MOREREAD LESS

Troy Resources Limited is a small and medium-sized gold producer with a history of developing and operating mines in Australia and South America. In July 2013, the company acquired Azimuth Resources Limited, which has discovered and delineated the Karouni project in Guyana.READ MOREREAD LESS

Strategic Minerals Corporation (NL) explores and produces base metals, gold and ore in Queensland. The company's mining operations include Woolgar and Bayfield exploration projects.READ MOREREAD LESS

Iluka Resources is an Australian resources company specializing in ore exploration, project development, operations and marketing. Iluka is the largest producer of zirconium and titanium dioxide derived rutile and synthetic rutile.READ MOREREAD LESS

The company is Engaged in mining and mineral development, including steel-making coal, copper, zinc and energy. Secondary products include lead, silver, gold, molybdenum, germanium, indium and cadmium.READ MOREREAD LESS

Goldcorp's company is engaged in gold mining and related activities. On January 14, 2019, Goldcorp agreed to be merged and acquired by Newmont Mining. Corporation Combined "Newmont Goldcorp" will become the world's largest gold producer.READ MOREREAD LESS

It is a mining company headquartered in Canada with operations in Latin America. The company has mines and other projects in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. It is one of the largest silver producers in the world.READ MOREREAD LESS

B2Gold is a Canadian-listed gold mining company. In 2019, the company delivered a record annual gold production and gold income. This marks that B2Gold has set an annual comprehensive gold production record for 11 consecutive years.READ MOREREAD LESS

It is a multinational mining company whose assets include gold, silver and copper. Many of its mines are polymetallic, which means they have a lot of resources in more than one base metal.READ MOREREAD LESS

Eldorado Gold Corporation is a Canadian intermediate gold and metal producer. It has assets in Canada, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Brazil and Serbia. Its activities involve all aspects of mining, including exploration, development, production and reclamation.READ MOREREAD LESS

Alamos is a Canadian gold producer, diversifying production at three operating mines in North America. The company has leading growth prospects in exploration and development projects in Mexico, Turkey, Canada and the United States. The enterprise is committed to the highest standards of sustainable development.READ MOREREAD LESS

IAMGOLD is a Canadian company that owns and operates a gold mine. The company's business also includes niobium ore, diamond royalties, and mineral resources exploration and assessment in North America, South America, and Africa activity.READ MOREREAD LESS

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. is a multinationalprecious metals streamingcompany. It produces over 26 million ounces and sells over 29 million ounces of silver mined by other companies (includingBarrick GoldandGoldcorp) as a by-product of their main operations.READ MOREREAD LESS

Stornoway is Canada's leading diamond exploration and production company. Stornoway owns 100% of Renard Mine, a world-class asset. The company is located in Quebec, one of the world's best mining jurisdictions.READ MOREREAD LESS

Lucara Diamonds is a diamond exploration and mining company. In November 2015, Lesedi La Rona, the world's second-largest gem-quality diamond, was discovered in the Karowe mine in Botswana.READ MOREREAD LESS

Gold Company is a Canadian gold mining and exploration company engaged in the operation, exploration, development and acquisition of gold properties in North America, Asia and other global markets. It is one of largest Western gold producers in Central Asia.READ MOREREAD LESS

Canadian Carbon Corporation has a 100% interest in three strategic graphite assets in Quebec, including two graphite mines produced in the past, Miller and Asbury. Miller mine is likely to be Canada's first graphite production plant.READ MOREREAD LESS

It is a Canadian mineral exploration company with a series of high-quality precious metal projects in Idaho. On February 24, 2020, Excellon announced the proposed acquisition of Otis Gold and added an attractive gold development project in the United States to its portfolio.READ MOREREAD LESS

It is a gold exploration and development company listed on TSX Ventures Exchange. Its 100% owned flagship project is Castelo de Sonhos gold mine located in the state of Para, Brazil.READ MOREREAD LESS

Canadian Rare Earth Corporation is developing vertically and horizontally integrated businesses within the global rare earth industry. It is currently participating in projects in North America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Asia and Southeast Asia.READ MOREREAD LESS

It is a North American resource exploration company headquartered in Toronto. It owns Kerr Sulphurets Mitchell (KSM), a copper-gold-silver-molybdenum porphyry project in northern British Columbia.READ MOREREAD LESS

Stornoway is Canada's leading diamond exploration and production company. Stornoway owns 100% of Renard Mine, a world-class asset. The company is located in Quebec, one of the world's best mining jurisdictions.READ MOREREAD LESS

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top 10 cryptocurrency mining companies - coinnounce

top 10 cryptocurrency mining companies - coinnounce

As the invention of cryptocurrency has given rise to a number of domains, cryptocurrency mining industry is one of them. Mining cost a lot of electricity to the miners where the miners solve complex mathematical problems in order to add a particular block to the blockchain and hence receive the block reward in the form of cryptocurrency. As the number of miners increases, trying to crack the code, the difficulty of the complex algorithm increases.

A number of miners join together in order to create a mining pool. This collaboration acts as an advantage to the miners as the total number of miners doesnt increase with respect to the blockchain but a whole set of miners act as a single miner and hence the difficulty of the complex algorithms is not increased as the number of miners are increased in the mining pool. In other words, in a mining pool the set of miners share the work among themselves and also the block reward is shared among them.

Founded in the year 2014, it is regarding as one of the top Bitcoin mining companies around the world. It is well known for its transparency and best customer service. The integrity and reliability which the company provides to its users are just unmatchable. Spondoolies tech, an Israel based company which is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of cryptocurrency mining equipment works in collaboration with this cloud mining company by providing it with mining rigs. All of their mining equipment is being placed in the locations which have geographically suitable for mining. Surplus and cheap electricity and low temperatures in a location are best suited for mining. They provide a wide range of offers from 50GH/s to 15,000GH/s.

The Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining company are considered to be very simple and user-friendly. The new users, as well as the experts, can use this service easily in order to gain some profits. The company provides a very unique way of buying a hash power to the user without even really worrying about the hardware and software requirements required for the mining. The whole mining installation is done by a set of highly experienced experts in the cryptocurrency as well as financial sector and hence the company is highly reliable. Once the user registers for hash power in the company the withdrawal of the profits can be done periodically. The minimum payout is 0.002 for Bitcoin and 0.03 for Ethereum. In short, the Lithuania based company is the best place for investment.

it is one of the most legal cloud mining service providing company in Peru, with approvals as well as registrations from SUNAT and SUNARP. Along with registrations with the financial authorities of the country, the company even has RUC and a DUNS numbers. It is one of the first fully automated online systems which intends in providing a number of investment options to its users in order to increase the return on Investments. It even offers 10% referral bonus to its customers. They strictly make sure that their customers are satisfied with their service.

This particular cloud mining service is considered to be one of the safest around the world and is located in the industrial zone of Kutaisi, Georgia. A large spectrum of Bitcoin mining hash powers is available here with an aim of providing the cryptocurrency community, the accessibility to mine Bitcoins.

The mining company acquires its hash power from some of the large data centers spread throughout the world. This is intelligently done in order to reduce the cost of electricity that is required to mine cryptocurrencies.

This company can be considered as a one-stop shop for all the professional cryptocurrency mining solutions. It even provides its services to the customers who are very new to the blockchain technology as well as the cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency revolution has undoubtedly proven to be very useful as well as better than the traditional fiat currencies we had. If we look at the traditional Fiat currencies, the amount of energy spent in order to create the currency is very negligible, in other words it is same as the amount of energy required to manufacture a piece of paper but in the cryptocurrency domain the huge amount of electricity is consumed for the creation of cryptocurrencies and hence they have some intrinsic value and are inflation proof.

Many countries across the world have embraced this technology and are taking advantage out of it by fastening the whole Financial tedious process which took a lot of time. Many governments are even focused on the research and development in the field of Blockchain Technology, in order to further explore its potentials to solve other problems.

[] software is ready, it prompts the user to select a mining pool. It is always preferred to join a mining pool than to mine cryptocurrencies individually as there is little or no profits with huge investments []

[] mining industry through their extensive hardware pieces of equipment. Specifically, Bitcoin mining companies from China namely Bitmain, BTCC/BTC China, and discus fish/F2Pool. The algorithm is designed in []

I would allways share my positive experience with Genesis Mining. I have been mining in GM for quite some time now and all I can say is that Im very satisfied with how things are going, my paymants and whole mining process in GM. For all wondering about their transparency an are they legit it is enough to google them and they will see themselves. I have allways felt like my investment payed off, even now in mining market crisis. So I hope everyone mining will be satisfied as I am mining in GM.

I have been mining for quite some time now. It turned out to be very profitable investment. Of course, depends where are you mining. I am mining in Genesis Mining and wouldt change that. Tey provide the best contracts and payment modules. I get my paymants every day and cant complain about the service. As a client, I feel my money and investment is in good place with the best tehnology solutions. So, a good and legite mining company makes difference for your investment and profitability

the top 5 largest mining operations in the world - coincentral

the top 5 largest mining operations in the world - coincentral

Mining is one of the core principals of the decentralized economy. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin rely on mining operations to verify transactions and approve their entry onto the blockchain. Cryptocurrency miners are awarded for completing the proof-of-work algorithm and thereby, adding the next block to the blockchain. This reward can vary depending on the overall power or Hash Rate of the blockchain being used.

Cryptocurrency mining is no longer regulated to a few software developers and their personal rigs. The mining industry has undergone huge growth and transformation over the last year in accordance with the rise in the value of cryptocurrencies. As the value of cryptocurrencies has seen a sharp increase, so has the amount of processing power put towards mining. This has led the mining industry to grow extremely competitive.

Today, if you want to become a major player in the field of cryptocurrency mining; you better have some deep pockets as you will be competing against software giants and even governments. While BTC was designed to usher in the decentralized economy, the mining aspect of this cryptocurrency continues to see escalating centralization due to the creation of more mega-mining facilities. These facilities are multimillion dollar mining farms that can require as much energy as a city to operate. Below are 5 of the largest cryptocurrency mining operations in the world.

Deep in the countryside of inner-Mongolia lives giants giant BTC mines that is. The Bitmain SanShangLiang industrial park mining complex is the largest mining facility in the world. This gargantuan mining operation consists of 25,000 machines that process $250K worth of BTC daily.

As you may have guessed, running this operation isnt cheap with the electrical cost exceeding that of a small town at around $39,000 daily. This unbelievable mining facility is so large that it employs 50 around the clock employees to monitor the rigs and ensure all is going well. Good luck competing with your Intel I5 against this giant.

The Washington state-based Giga Watt mining facility is among the largest in North America. This super mine exerts a ridicules 30 MW hashrate and incorporates just over 1,700 GPUs. The mines founder, Dave Carlson is a former Microsoft software engineer who first got into mining in 2010; only one year after Satoshi published his now famous Bitcoin Whitepaper.

The facility can remain competitive in the Chinese dominated market through the use of inexpensive hydropower that is readily available in Washington State. Giga Watt is looking to expand their operations in 2018 with goals of dominating the North American mining market for years to come.

Hut 8 Mining has teamed up with Bitfury to create one of the largest mining facilities ever built in North America. This mining operation consists of 22 datacenters that produce 24 MW of hashing power. Hut 8 is looking to public funding via the Canadian stock exchange to expand this operation to new heights.

This project is still in phase one as phase two is planned to up the power of the mining operation to 38.5 MW of power. Bitfury is rumored to be tasked with building all of the new facilities required for the expansion of this mega-mine. Once completed, this mine will be the largest Bitcoin mining operation in North America.

Bitfury is one of the leading full-service blockchain technology companies in the world and it should be no surprise that their mining operation is of equal importance to the market. The Bitfury mining facility in Georgia utilizes the naturally cold climate to reduce operating costs and keep the mining rigs running cool.

The government of Georgia is more than pleased to have Bitfury mining in their community and they have done everything in their power to help Bitfury expand its operations. This has been reciprocated by the company, who recently began a property ownership blockchain for the Georgian government. This type of close cooperation can only help to improve the state of the cryptomarket in the future.

The $65 million Bcause mining facility was just announced in January 2018. Virginia Beach is not generally considered a crypto hotbed but after the local government slashed taxes for data centers, there was a good reason for mining firms to call this seaside community home.

Virginia Beach has already awarded Bcause LLC a $500,000 grant to expand their operations further. This will allow the firm to add an additional hundred employees to the mine. When fully complete, this facility will cover an amazing 84,000 square feet of space; placing it among the largest in the continent.

The Genesis Mining facility was founded in 2013 when it made headlines as one of the first mining facilities developed exclusively to mine Ethereum. Today the mining facility also mines additional coins such as Zcash, Dash, and Monero.

This giant mining facility is powered exclusively by geothermal energy and is considered the largest ETH mining platform in the world. Company executives have stated that they believe that ETH will see considerable gains in the coming years and at the current moment, they can receive twice the profits one would achieve mining BTC.

Due to the secretive nature of miners and extreme value of cryptocurrency mining equipment, it can be difficult to tell if you live near a huge BTC mining operation. Theres no doubt that as the value of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, we can expect to see more of these monster mining operations unveiled in the near future.

It will be interesting to see what technological developments shape mining operations in the future as more specific and specially designed mining chips continue to be developed. This will increase the already stark competition in the sector and make mining cryptocurrencies, even more, cost inhibiting.

Some Altcoins are developing blockchains that do not permit the use of ASIC miners to help reduce this centralization from occurring in the market but in the end, if there is profit involved, people will always develop a more efficient means of attaining it.

Celsius vs. Linus makes for an interesting comparison between two unique cryptocurrency interest accounts. Both platforms let you earn passive but not-risk-free income, but they accomplish this through distinct approaches. Celsius accepts cryptocurrency deposits and allows for in-kind interest, and it also functions as a lending platform. On the other hand, Linus only accepts and

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