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limestone | rock crushing flow & price- jxsc machine

limestone | rock crushing flow & price- jxsc machine

Limestone is an important road building material, and is also an important raw material for calcium carbide for burning lime and cement. It is a solvent limestone in the metallurgical industry. After superfine grinding of high-quality limestone, it is widely used in papermaking, rubber, paint, coatings, medicine, Cosmetics, feed, sealing, bonding, polishing and other products.

The compressive strength of limestone is generally around 150 MPa, which belongs to soft rock. The limestone crusher machine has jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc. JXSC custom makes limestone crushing plant for different requirements to meet high efficiency, energy-saving performance. Limestone stone crusher plant equipped with mature rock crushers, which is very suitable for crushing limestone, malmstone and other materials. Its crushed product is 95% <45mm.

Large pieces of limestone are uniformly fed through feeding equipment (such as vibrating feeder) and conveyed to the crushing equipment. Generally, jaw crushers are used for primary crushing. The crushed limestone is input by the conveyor.

The crushed limestone is uniformly conveyed to the cone crusher or impact crusher by the conveyor belt for medium and fine crushing. After crushing, it is screened by a circular vibrating screen. The larger-grained limestone is returned to the cone crusher and crushed again; the medium-sized limestone is sent to the next process.

Fine crushing and shaping is mainly completed by sand making machine or limestone sand making machine. First, the medium-sized limestone is sent to a sand making machine for fine crushing. The treated limestone is sieved by a screening machine (circular vibrating screen), and the larger-sized limestone is returned to the sand making equipment for further processing. Or to meet the needs of users, the product is sent from the belt conveyor to the storage pile for storage, or directly into the next process-sand washing (sand washing machine).

The crushed limestone is sent to the sand washing machine, which is flipped and washed in the machine, and the dirt is wash away. The washed product is used in construction, chemical, and highway industries.

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